UoB medics have set up a charity during COVID-19 to support aspiring student medics 

We are Medics charity has reached over 20,000 people

The charity ‘We are Medics’ has been set up during COVID-19 to provide career guidance for aspiring medics after support had been cancelled due to the closure of schools and colleges.

Seven out of eight of the ‘We are Medics’ charity team are UoB medicine students, and they have supported students through social media and ebooks.   

Kirsty Morrison, the founder of the charity, mentioned it’s success. “We have reached 20,000 young people and have amassed over 7,000 followers on social media, including parents and teachers,” she told The Birmingham Tab. 

Kirsty Morrison, founder (left), Souradip Mookerjee (centre), Adeolu Banjoko (right)

Kirsty found an opportunity to establish the charity during the pandemic. “The charity was set up to provide online outreach after in-person outreach events at schools and colleges were cancelled due to COVID-19,” she told The Birmingham Tab. 

“We provide free medicine and dentistry application support and guidance via our social media platforms, live-streams and eBooks,” she continued. 

The career advice comes from current university students and qualified doctors, including information on UCAT exams for entry into university, personal statements, and future career support. 

The support has also been given through their YouTube channel focusing on widening access for people interested in pursuing a career in medicine. 

Kirsty mentioned maximising free services to run the charity. “We haven’t raised any money as of yet as the team and our contributors are all volunteers and we have maximised the use of free services,” she added. 

The charity has also been featured on BBC Radio and they are set to appear on the BMJ (British Medical Journal) website later this month.

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