A Birmingham student is being featured on national billboards to mark the NHS’ birthday

‘It’s all a bit of a blur’

A Birmingham uni student is being featured on billboards displayed around the country, as part of a celebration of the NHS’ 72nd birthday.

Second year medic Jack Hannay has been working as an NHS 111 call handler during COVID-19 and was one of the 12 NHS medical staff selected for photographer Rankin’s billboards to celebrate the NHS’ 72nd birthday.

Jack was shocked to be selected. “It’s been a bit of a surprise seeing as I’ve only worked there for around three months now,” he told The Birmingham Tab.


Rankin, the legendary photographer who previously had a challenging time when he took Brooklyn Beckham on as an intern, was the photographer behind the portraits. His portraits of NHS medical staff are displayed around the UK on billboards including Piccadilly Circus. 

Jack said he was nominated for the billboard by the head of NHS 111. “Clearly I’ve done something right and haven’t made some catastrophic medical decision, it’s all a bit of a blur meeting Rankin, and having the photo shoot,” he told The Birmingham Tab.

Jack mentioned his worries he had about his hair for the photoshoot. “I am annoyed that I ruined my mop a couple of weeks ago. Now it’s everywhere,” he told The Birmingham Tab.

“I have literally had friends and family messaging me from all over the UK snapping up a 100-fold billboard print of the photo,” he continued.

Jack was brought on as a relief worker to help the NHS staff that have had to self isolate. “I have felt very helpful in supporting 111 at an unprecedented time such as this,” he said.

“I think the NHS is an incredible organisation, and being given the chance to help has been an amazing opportunity to develop my skills despite being thrown in the deep end. It’s definitely been overwhelming,” he continued.


Jack has been the first point of contact for anyone requiring urgent emergency assistance during COVID-19. “I’m responsible for the receipt and processing of incoming and outgoing urgent and emergency calls from the general public, medical staff, emergency services and other professional bodies who require an emergency ambulance, advice or information,” he told The Birmingham Tab.


Jack has learnt to deal with high pressure situations including callers that have had strokes, abdominal dissections and abusive callers. “His was most memorable moment was talking a eight year old girl through dealing with her deaf mother who had just had a stroke and on how to receive the ambulance crew I had just dispatched,” he said.

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