Here are all the best Spotify playlists to get you through the rest of lockdown

Even a couple to take you back to those lovingly-missed Brum nights out

We are now nearly two months into the UK lockdown and naturally people are starting to lose their minds to boredom. All the household chores have been done, you’ve had as many clear-outs as possible, festivals and nights out seem like a long-forgotten dream.

Stuck in a rut?  More bored than you thought was possible? Reminiscing on your pre-corona social life in good old Brum? Yep, sounds about right. So we’ve compiled a load of the best lockdown listening playlists to transport you right back to the good old streets of Selly Oak, and suit your every need whilst you wish you were somewhere else.

To lighten the mood

For a musical remedy, try this absolute banger. A guaranteed mood-changer for the better: think Kylie, Jackson 5, Bellaire, and Basement Jaxx. A mixture of genres so there’s something for everyone. If these tracks don’t make you smile I don’t know what will! Blast in the kitchen, listen with siblings (if you aren’t in an argument) and escape the news for a while.

Take a chill pill

If some background tunes is what you need, try this. Perfect for playing whilst doing some uni work (if you have actually managed to do any, please tell the rest of us how?), spending time with your pets, online shopping, chilling out with a cuppa, or just doing fuck all. The sounds of Folamour, Frank Ocean, Chaos in the CBD and alt-J are the perfect companions for all of the above, though you’ll be wishing you were chilling on the grass of Selly park instead.

Tracks from years gone by

If you’re feeling nostalgic and fancy a few sing alongs to lift the mood, these throwbacks will sort you out, ranging from the 80s to 2013. This multi-genre and multi-decade collection will defo make you miss Fab even more than you already do. Cheesy as some of them may be, they will always bang, and no one can convince me otherwise. There truly is no school like the old school.

Take me back to Birmingham

There is one thing I miss most about uni right now, and that’s the Brum nights out, and what I especially wouldn’t give to be happily grooving at Tektu – those Zoom club nights just aren’t the same. It’s times like these we need a substitute for these moments, hence the following playlists. Tektu vibes does what it says on the tin – the techno disco sounds of the terrace combined with the drums from the main room. Whenever it may be, that first Tektu after all this will hit different.

I miss Selly Oak

Finally, the reason we come home on a Monday night without our keys/jumper/wallet: Circo. Always packed and playing those cheesy tracks we all know and can’t help but sing along to, this playlist will take you back to the smoking areas fairy lights and the ridiculous queue for the bar and toilets. We might not have Dixy’s Chicken, but at least we can still pretend.

With any luck, it won’t be long until we can experience these sounds again for real. But for now, I guess this will have to do. Happy listening x