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Green Heart to be turned into 5-a-side pitches


The University has revealed they will be making the newly landscaped the Green Heart into 5-a-side pitches.

The restructuring is due to happen over summer.

The move came from a demand from the five-a-side society, 'five-a-soc', and local clubs who started a campaign in October.

The President of five-a-soc, Jamie Matthews told the Birmingham Tab, "we are truly delighted. This just shows the waves you can make when you take initiative and push something you truly believe in."

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Trisha, a third year English student, was not impressed. "So much money was spent on the Green Heart for them to turn it into a couple of pitches? What a joke."

Mikey, a first year Golf Management student, however, was in favour of the change. "What most people don't understand is that fice-a-side pitches are so much smaller than normal pitches and playing on normal sized pitches turned around is a joke. This is exactly what the University need."

P.S. maybe check the date?