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Two men harassed in second antisemitic incident in Selly this week

It happened on Raddlebarn Road on Wednesday evening

Two young Jewish men were verbally assaulted with antisemitic abuse on Wednesday evening at the junction of Raddlebarn and Tiverton Road.

The two individuals, both of whom were wearing yarmulkes, were walking up Tiverton Road into Selly Park Convenience at around 7pm. As they approached the shop, four young Asian men in a silver Vauxhall Corsa proceeded to shout antisemitic comments from their car, before driving off down Warwards Lane.

The incident was witnessed by UoB student, Helen Jordan, as she walked home from Dolphin Fish Bar on Raddlebarn Road. Speaking to The Birmingham Tab, she described how the abuse escalated: "It started with them shouting 'Shalom' to try get the attention of the two guys they were shouting at. And then it turned to the really rude comments."

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Helen Jordan, the student who witnessed the incident.

"As I first approached, I thought it was really [awful] banter, but as I got nearer and the two guys entered the corner shop it was much more offensive comments, about 'dirty f**king disgusting Jews'."

The third-year Biomedical Sciences student posted about the incident on Fab N Fresh, after reporting it to West Midlands Police and CST, hoping that the two individuals involved would see it, and feel "some comfort in this horrible situation."

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Helen's post on the Fab N Fresh Facebook page.

She explained how this was her first time witnessing any incidents like this, and felt "really really angry, and disgusted. And I’m glad it’s being shared, because…people naively think it doesn’t happen."

With another student being subject to antisemitic abuse outside Fab on Saturday 19th January, this is the latest incident in a worrying trend of antisemitism on the University of Birmingham campus.

If you know anything more about this incident, send tips to The Tab Birmingham Facebook page.