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BNOC of the year: Group Three

The battle for BNOC of the year continues

You have voted in your hundreds for the last two BNOC heats, and today we bring you the final heat for UoB BNOC of the Year. Remember to vote for whoever you want to see in the final at the end of this week!

Emily Harman, Second Year, Physics

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Emily and her fans

Emily is famed for her great charm and wit, once convincing the manager of Fab to let her and her friends in at 1am on one of the busiest nights of the year. The title of BNOC will be great material for her Instagram bio, #doitforthegram

Alfie Ratcliffe, Second Year, History

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Alfie is keen to remain humble, stating there is “a difference between ‘friends’ and ‘people you know’”. He prides himself on making a good impression on people throughout his many societies. He believes his finest UoB moment to be winning UoB’s first ever student leisure league.

Emily Youlton, Second Year, English Language

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the UoB delicacy that is a VK

Emily will take up the position of head of station for BurnFm 2018/2019, and has made her name on campus through her time with the station. In first year, Emily answered prayers by opening up an after hours takeaway in her accomodation block: “Who needs Roosters?”

Jason Heffron, Third Year, Politics and International Relations

Whilst Jason says his finest moments and acheivements at UoB have been with the Gaelic football team; he also has some classic freshers stories, including paying a taxi driver £20 to take him from Broad Street to Liberty Gardens, a 2 minute drive away. Jason promises even more finest moments should he win BNOC of the year.

Matthew Maher, Third Year, Classical Literature and Civilisation

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Matthew prides himself on his side eye

A member and key role in societies including BACAS and Welsh Soc, Matthew has succeeded in organising events such as trips to Dublin for the Six Nations and the recent BACAS ball. Matthew would see the title of BNOC as his lasting impression upon UoB.

Cast your vote below for your choice of BNOC!