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UoB’s most relatable Instagram @sleepyuob is full of sleeping students

Become a bnoc in your sleep

With exams in full swing, the library has become a battleground. People have shown up at 8:30 only to find that there are no seats left. With that being said, sleep has become a luxury to most UoB students. To be in with a chance of getting a seat, they have had to get up at the crack of dawn, forgoing their precious hours in bed. A need for a more creative method of napping has emerged and one instagram account is documenting it all

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@sleepyuob receives picture submissions of pupils who have fallen asleep in the library and posts them to instagram. The account was set up after a group of students were taking a revision break by playing hide and seek on the second floor. They noticed that there were a lot of students desk hogging by having a nap and decided to out the perpetrators.

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The account posts anonymously, but the holder claims that it's run by the 'many many people' who have contributed those sneaky snaps of the slumbering scholars. We spoke to one of the featured dozers on the page. She told us she was 'suprised' but had 'no shame'. She insisted she was only resting her eyes for five minutes.

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The page is bringing fame to the nappers around campus, those brave souls who have spent over 12 hours in the library and can't afford to lose their space by heading home for a cheeky kip. To see if you've made the hall of fame checkout @sleepyuob.