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An accidental email blunder suggests UoB supports sexual abuse

Controversy after UoB sends email appearing to support sexual violence

The University of Birmingham sparked controversy yesterday after sending an email to students which appeared to advocate sexual violence.

The full email subject stated 'We're supporting Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week', however, as pictured above, when viewed on some phones and computers, only part of the subject line was visible, giving the entirely opposite impression of the emails contents.

Although a seemingly innocent mistake, many students took to the universities 'Fab N Fresh' page to voice their opinions.

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The post has since been deleted from the Fab n Fresh page

One student told The Tab: "It's just an unfortunate mistake, especially in that it ended up having the complete opposite meaning based on the shortened title. Me and my friends did laugh about it once we realised what had happened but I can see how it could be distressing to someone who's been more directly affected by these issues."

Thankfully, upon opening the email it quickly became apparent that it was in fact well intentioned. As part of Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week, UoB are running multiple events 'to raise awareness of sexual harassment and issues around consent.'

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The Guild is running a number of events this week, such as the first ever Reclaim the Night event.

The next event will be on Thursday 8th February.