A UoB student was sexually and racially harassed by a group of men in Selly Oak

They said ‘I’ll show you sexual harassment’

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A student at the University of Birmingham was sexually and racially harassed by a group of men last weekend.

Dipali Shah described her experience on the Fab ‘n’ Fresh page to warn others of these individuals: “To the misogynistic pricks who were sexually harassing me from the comfort of your car in Selly Oak, do not comment on the way I walk, anything I do, or think my race is an opinion for you to decide on.

“A) As I said to you this is not how you chat up girls
“B) When I call you up on it do not say ‘I’ll show you sexual harassment’

“The fact that when I came out of roosters, to address the fact you were clearly waiting for me, and take a picture of your reg plate, you said ‘quick she’s taking a picture of the reg’ and drove off, identified you knew you were doing something wrong. I’ve never seen anything like this in Selly before, and hopefully you’re not educated enough to go to UoB and clearly you had an awful upbringing if you think sexual harassment is acceptable, for that I’m sorry. But good luck with the police, and I hope you learn your lesson.

“And to all those girls that ever experience it, call them up on it, and tell someone!”

Dipali spoke to the Tab and advised others who experience harassment to, “Make sure you call people out on it, it’s not fair for people to do that and you need to stand up for yourself if they do”.

Always contact the police on 999 in emergencies and 101 in non-emergencies to report such crimes and pass on information to help keep Selly Oak safe.