Ex-Brum student starts up-and-coming ice-cream business

Who can say no to personalised minute made ice-cream?

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Who doesn’t like ice cream and all the flavours we know and love? It’s an absolute classic for cooling down on a hot day, if you’ve had a rubbish day, or literally just at any time, anywhere. Imagine if you could create your own personal combination of flavours and watch it being made right in front of your eyes in under a minute.

This is what ex-Birmingham Mechanical Engineering student Henry and his co-founder Rob have created in Cabot Circus Bristol. What started as a food truck has now transformed into one of Deliveroo’s top 3 ice cream parlours in the UK.

They’ve been on ITV’s ‘This Morning’, and the business is set to sweep the nation in the best new way to eat ice cream.

We talked to co-founder Henry and asked about his time at Birmingham and what inspired the duo to start the innovative business, Pan-n-Ice:

The boys behind the business

The boys behind the business

What did you study at Birmingham?

“I studied mechanical engineering.”

Only a BSci can create such perfect roles

Only a BSci can create such perfect roles

What was your favourite night out in Brum?

“I absolutely loved going to Fab, everyone knew everyone and you were guaranteed to have a very eventful night!”

Why ice cream?

Whilst myself and Rob Huysinga (the other co-founder) were travelling around Thailand in the summer of 2015 we came stumbled across this street food vendor in Koh Phi Phi who was attracting a large crowd of tourists, all with their cameras out videoing the spectacle.

At first we thought it was pancakes, however we quickly realised that it was in fact ice cream being made right in front of our eyes. Instantly we looked at each other and said “why isn’t this in the UK” and boom we started Pan-n-Ice!

Look at that perfection

Look at that perfection

What’s different about your ice cream and what makes it better?

Our ice cream is more than just a delicious product, Pan-n-Ice prides itself on being an unforgettable experience for the customer, where they can witness their own ice cream being made in front of them in 60 seconds. Because the process is very fun, unique and exciting we really wanted to get that across in the way we present our brand.

Even Spennie thinks it's superior

Even Spennie thinks it’s superior

What’s your favourite flavour?

My personal favourite is banana, white chocolate and toffee, however the bestseller at events and our shop is 100% the Oreo + Nutella aka the “You know you want it”.

Where can we find you?

We have a kiosk in the form of a truck in Cabot Circus, Bristol. We also attend many big events, festivals and parties all round the UK, so to see where we are next check us out on Facebook or Instagram.

Fun in the sun has one integral element...

Fun in the sun has one integral element…

What have been some of your best moments so far?

Without doubt the highlight so far has to be appearing on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ with Phillip and Holly, it really was an amazing experience, and one that I will never forget!

Also opening our first permanent location in Bristol was a huge moment for Rob and myself and has really given us a strong platform to open more locations.

Being voted 3rd best ice cream parlour in the UK by Deliveroo has to be up there as well!

From ingredients to delicious in just 60 seconds

From ingredients to delicious in just 60 seconds

Do you have any advice for a budding entrepreneur?

I feel a lot of people have amazing ideas, however those ideas usually never materialise into anything. So I would definitely say “just do it” and see what happens, because even if it’s not the amazing success you imagined it to be, you will honestly learn so much from your mistakes and failures which I believe is vital for future success, and I speak from experience!

What’s set for Pan-n-Ice’s future?

In the next 3 years we want to acquire many more retail units, really focusing our efforts to places like London. In addition we are constantly receiving franchise requests so that is definitely a route we will be undertaking!