An insiders guide to Fetish Society

Curiosity is key

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Some people like chess, some people like fetishes. We’re all different and should have a place to explore what we are interested in. Are you looking to join a new society at university? Are you bored with rugby or a capella? Well then, maybe it’s time to try something new.

There is a certain essence of mystery surrounding any Fetish Society, and the University of Birmingham Fetish Society is no different. So, to gain a wider insight of the activities of ‘Fetsoc’, we spoke to some participants who gave us an inside perspective and explained that Fetsoc is not necessarily what you think it is.

The University of Birmingham’s official guide states that the idea behind the group is to “provide a safe, no-pressure environment in which members can express their fetishes around like minded people, to provide education of fetish and BDSM practices, and most importantly ensure and promote safety.”

Importantly, while Fetish Society might conjure up certain ideas of peculiar sexual fantasies, it’s also a great way to socialise and is a calming space for people interested in exploring their sexuality. The usual routine: weekly meetings that hold open, respectful discussions. A friend insisted that one ultimate goal of Fetsoc is the “focus on safety and respect.”

Many shops to fit many fetishes

So, what would you expect when joining Fetish Society? One friend stated “I thought it would just be porn videos and stuff but it’s not. In fact I was surprised, it’s so educational. There’s discussion about the different types of fetishes there are and there is various types of equipment that can fit any individuals taste. We get to check out all these different BDSM whips & toys and a TENS  machine that you put it on your body and makes your muscles spasm uncontrollably.”

Each to their own, right?

One of the biggest misconceptions there is about a Fetish Society is the idea that bizarre sexual fetishes and fantasies synonymously lead to some hot and sweaty orgy. However, it was confirmed that “people don’t actually have sex with each other at Fetsoc, but couples do attend – there is one couple where one is dominant and the other prefers being submissive.”

Similarly, another error that stereotypes Fetsoc participants is the assumption that they’re horny all the time and are up for just anything. Wrong again. While some enjoy common ball-gags, handcuffs and whips, there are still some more extraordinary props available to try. One that’s pretty under the radar is the classic Wartenberg Wheel – which looks vaguely like a pizza cutter. Or perhaps, a Venus Butterfly strap or clitoris stimulator – if that takes your fancy.

Anyone up for some toe action?

“I thought I was wild but it’s all very kinky, I feel like I’m quite boring in the bedroom department in comparison.”

I asked what my friend’s parents would think if they knew they were part of Fetsoc – she said: “my parents do not know about it, but if they asked I would have to tell them. Otherwise they would assume I am an anal fisting obsessive or something , when really it’s a lot more complex and intimate than that.”

Fetish Society sounds like an intriguing adventure, which clearly offers an educational background to unusual ways to have and enjoy sex. At the beginning of her journey, my friend thought the teachings and advice of Fetish Society would improve her love life success. But has it? “Don’t presume I’ve had a lot more sex, because I haven’t. Unfortunately I haven’t had sex since I’ve been a member of Fetish Society.” Perhaps, miracles don’t exist.