Battle of Selly Oak’s takeaways

Don’t let Roosters win

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The main culprit for raising the weight average in Selly Oak is the endless number of takeaways. Regardless, there are some diamonds in the greasy, oily rough. Which one will be the reigning champion? It’s up to you to decide.

Let the battle commence:

Mamma Mia (612 Bristol Road)

With some of the best pizza in Selly Oak and £2.99 burger meal deals, Mamma Mia’s is definitely the dark horse in the race. With a smiley service, a nice sofa, and a superb array of fast food delights Mamma Mia’s is without doubt the perfect cure for a dull night out and even a decent take away for a Netflix and Chill evening.


Big John’s (762 Bristol Road)

The great thing about Big John’s are the constant deals. Buy 1 pizza get 1 free, free bottles of coke, and a heap of promotional codes. The main attraction though at Big John’s is of course the 20 inch deep pan pizza.

Ming Wah (3 Oak Tree Lane)

A standard Chinese in a sea of pizza joints. I think the photo speaks for itself.



Tin Sing Chinese (5 Raddlebarn Road)

Much less choice than Ming Wah but much better quality.

Rooster House (504 Bristol Road)

The value is incredible. As you look up a number of meal deals stare back at your hungry eyes. However, you can’t be sure what the meat exactly is and the stomach pains following a Roosters banquet are not always worth it.

No one ever goes to Roosters sober. One Google review summed Roosters up, ‘shit hole’ and it apparently only has a 2 star hygiene rating. 

On a side note many students adore Rooster House, to the extent that when it burnt down in 2012 a brass band performed a funeral song outside its charred remains. Can it take the crown four years on?


Yakinori Noodle & Sushi (520 Bristol Road)

If you love Japanese food then Yakinori is the place for you. In a Subway-esque style you choose from noodle and rice dishes to make your perfect preference a reality. If you haven’t been it is definitely worth a visit.


Chicken.Com (570 Bristol Rd)

Out of all the chicken shops in Selly Roosters and Chicken.Com stand out. Although slightly more pricey than Roosters the quality of chicken makes up for it. Inside the atmosphere is always friendly. As to who wins the Chicken Battle, I can’t call it.

Pizza Bite (17 Oak Tree Lane)

Pretty expensive pizza, but definitely worth it. Italian styled pizzas that will leaving you wanting more. Also with a buy one pizza get one free on delivery, Pizza Bite is a good shout if you are hungry af. Although, apparently the delivery time is horrifically long.

You can even sit outside

You can even sit outside

Deli ‘n’ Shake (588 Bristol Road)

They claim to be the ‘Best Indian in Birmingham’, and they aren’t far off. A delicious Indian that could buy you three Rooster meals, but is more of a cuisine than junk food. It is a stunning array of Indian food, but the majority of us are way too stingey for that, soz Deli.

Dolphin (3 Raddlebarn Road)

This should be Adam’s Place, but unfortunately Domino’s bought them out last year (please boycott them). Dolphin is a standard Fish n Chips shop that is the perfect chippy that will remind you of your local at home. Vote quickly before Domino’s tracks them down.


Papa John’s (860 Bristol Road)

The only nationwide big name on the list. With top notch pizza and a range of quality burgers and chicken wings, Papa John’s is a classy takeaway – you just need a sh*tload of cash.

Dixy Chicken (639 Bristol Road)
For many Dixy Chicken is the top dog of Selly takeaways. With a friendly atmosphere and mouth watering chicken, Dixy chicken may just take the Selly crown with this perfect combination.

That colour scheme though….

Cheeky Joe’s (616 Bristol Road)

A bit different from the rest of the takeaways Cheeky Joes specialises in milkshakes and deserts. It’s very popular with sweet-toothed students. The milkshakes are based on famous chocolate bars and they even have a Ferrero Rocher one, no I’m not joking.


Pizza Land (600 Bristol Road)

Not quite ‘Pizza Planet’ from Toy Story but still a decent pizza takeaway. With a heap of special student deals, and a decent kebab available, Pizza Land is more than likely to please your taste buds. For those houses who like to share food the ‘family deal’ which includes: an extra large 14″ pizza, a large 12″ pizza, a regular pizza,  a portion of fries, a portion of garlic bread, some coleslaw, a bottle of soft drink (1.5ltr) and dip, for just £22.99 – God Bless You Pizza Land.

There’s no doubt they all beat the expensive options on campus.