Rooster House has a TWO STAR hygiene rating

But we’ll still eat it

The Food Standards Agency rated Rooster House two stars for their hygiene and said that improvement is “necessary”. 

The most popular post-Fab destination in Selly Oak is usually heaving both day and night, with hungry students keen for their deep fried chicken and cheesy chips.

But will a subpar two star hygiene rating from the FSA cause a dip in Rooster House’s popularity?

Why bother trekking all the way here...

Politics student Meg said: “It’s not going to put me off, like I’m surprised it’s not one star to be honest.

“It’s so grim, but it’s such good drunk food.”

She added: “I feel sick thinking about how disgusting it is in there. I’m skeptical that it’s actually chicken they’re serving.

“But sports night always changes my mind and I eat it anyway.”

The drunken shame

Is that a toenail I see?

First year Psychology student Mikey isn’t phased by the poor hygiene, and thinks that a bit of dirt is no bad thing, as he claims: “It’s good for your immune system!”