How to stay warm in student housing

Winter is coming

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With predictions of snow already looming, the fear is starting to set in – how are you going to survive the cold in your freezing student house? Long gone are the days of constant heating in your parent’s home and a warm fire place to get you through the season. But have no fear, as we’ve put together some great tips on how to stay warm this winter:

Harass your landlord until he actually gets your boiler fixed. Indoor heating and warm water are your first defence against the cruel nature of the outside world.

Blankets are a comfort necessity bring them everywhere with you to arm yourself against the frosty weather. Bonus points if your blanket has arms or a mermaid tail.

Hats and gloves aren’t just for the outside, wear them to bed to preserve body heat.

Warm showers are an absolute must in the morning.


Constantly argue with your housemate who won’t let you turn the heating on yet because he wants to save money. Guard the thermostat with your life. Also don’t live with him next year, its not worth it.

Layer yourself up with all the jumpers and cardigans you own. If you can still move your arms, you’re not wearing enough.

Get active, keep your body moving you’ll stay warmer. You’ll also get round to cleaning your room and doing all the laundry you’ve been putting off.

Eat lots of warm foods, like soup. You’re probably ill anyway from living in arctic conditions so at least it might help you feel better. Then, eat all of your housemates food and put on some winter weight for extra warmth.

If possible, invest in an electric heater, these are actually pretty awesome. Or you can try an electric blanket, or even just a hot water bottle to keep you cosy at night.

Go to the library and do some work, it’s probably warmer there.