Why we need to stop saying ‘All Lives Matter’

It brushes the most serious issue under the carpet

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Black Lives Matter is a movement addressing the discriminatory killings of black men and women around the world. In the past years, African Americans have been targeted at the heart of police brutality, and there’s no denying the impact this has had, not only the Black

In the past years and most of all in the United States, awareness of the unfair treatment and widespread police brutality of the Black community has risen.

This is a crucial time in which the United States seems to be divided, where people of colour are protesting to end their inequality. Yet while so many fight against systematic racism, many ignorant people have attempted to transform the movement into an “All Lives Matter” movement.

The words “All Lives Matter” are true in themselves, but irrelevant to this movement and often used by those who already live a privileged life in the USA. But are those living with white privileges currently being continuously victimised by police brutality in America?

The “All Lives Matter Movement” is simply an incredibly unhelpful way of disguising what is really going on.

The people promoting it are blind to the privileges they have over others.

There is a growing problem, and by saying that “All Lives Matter”, we’re essentially brushing this crisis under the carpet. Effectively, it’s a hurtful movement to partake in and should certainly not be used in these circumstances.

Black Lives Matter does not in any way suggest that no other lives matter, nor does it indicate a hierarchy. Instead, it focuses on the idea that there is an enormous problem currently taking place, and the Black community (especially the African American community at present) is the main victim of this. It also stresses the importance of addressing this.

Protests have been taking place worldwide, with activists of all skin colours, ethnicities, religions, ages and genders coming together to fight for something they believe so passionately about. However, I can’t help but feel utterly disgusted that this is an issue that still needs to be protested.

Racial segregation and inequality should no longer exist in today’s society.

Consequently, it is more than essentially that we stand today, as one community, working towards abolishing hate crime and racism. We will stand together for the freedom and justice of black lives.

If you’d like to get involved in the Black Lives Matter Movement, or find out more regarding what the movement entails please visit the website: www.blacklivesmatter.com