Naked man arrested after streaking down Broad Street

He really let himself go

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This weekend, Saturday night party-goers in Brum were given an eyeful by a man who was living life to the full, streaking completely naked down Broad Street.

Without a care in the world, the naked man ran around the street popping up from behind a limousine and darting down Regency Wharf alleyway until police later arrested him.

Videos and images taken by passers by that show the 47 year old man having the time of his life, cheered on by those around him.

It was just 8:40pm when he was arrested but the early start clearly didn’t put him off.

And the naked man was not alone – in an effort to let the fun carry on, a man dressed as Bananaman, wearing the full outfit of a yellow cape, yellow boots and a blue bodysuit, came running to the rescue.

Bananaman stopped his night out to help those in need, like any superhero would.

The naked man jumped out in front of traffic and pedestrians and Bananaman was there to save him from being hit – the pair really made sure no one was going to miss this show.

The night came to a sobre end when the police caught the naked man after dashing down Broad Street again in an attempt to stay free.

And to put off anyone with the same idea, the naked man spent the night in a cell and was released the next day with a penalty notice for being drunk and disorderly in a public place.

Maybe next time he should keep his nuts to himself, some things aren’t meant to be shared.