The very best campaign videos of this year

They’re Oscar worthy, honestly

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The week you’ve all been waiting for is finally here. It’s election time and we know you’re all buzzing to get involved and eager to give those Guild-themed YouTube covers a share on Facebook. So we’ve sorted the best from the rest to make your week that little bit easier. Voting is open now for the new candidates and ends this Friday at 4pm.

Here’s a selection of the best (or worst) campaign videos for this year.

Izzie ‘Busy Bee’ Nicholds for Housing and Community Officer

Wiz Khalifa is that you? Some might say this is a cinematic masterpiece, filled with lyrical genius that only the future leader of the free world/Selly Oak community could have fathomed. The costumes are couture, the singing is harmonious, and Selly simply glows under the effects of iMovie.

Izzie’s policies include Guild-tailored police patrols to ensure your safety after Fab and Sports Night, the introduction of CCTV on Selly Oak residential roads, free rape alarms and invisible markers to label your personal belongings.

Caley Routledge for Activities and Development Officer

You’ll probs hear this in Fab next week. Not only your potential future ADO, Caley Routledge could also go down in history as one of the most sparkling lyricists of our generation. I’m sure the Grammys have noted him already.

Caley is fighting to be your ADO to bring the spotlight to smaller societies, meet with every single society to fulfil individual needs and simplify running a Student Group through improving the current financial and room booking systems.

‘Yes We Dan’ Longhorn for Representation and Resources Officer 

Yes We Dan’s video brings a modern twist to monotony of modern day politics; some might say he’s truly destined for a career in comedy.

Dan’s campaign includes extending the Not On scheme in to Selly Oak, ensuring a Greener Guild, gaining more support for charity groups and open campaign meetings for any society to attend in order to steer their campaigns where they want them to go. Daaaaaaamn Daniel.

Chris Wilkinson (The Wilky Bar Kid) for Education Officer

The name alone will brighten up your day.

A vote for Chris means more support for Joint Honours students, a stronger Student Rep system and clearer module transparency so you can avoid picking modules with clashing essay deadlines. You can find The Wilky Bar Kid’s full campaign video here.

Izzy ‘Jenga’ Lenga for President

srsly tho?

But let’s be realistic here, Izzy has made her own Flappy Bird which definitely rivals all of these videos.