It’s official: Lunch crowned Selly’s cutest hamster

It beat an inconsolable Buster by one per cent

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The Tab can exclusively reveal that Selly’s Cutest Hamster is the beautiful Lunch.

Tom Gifford’s pet scooped the acclaimed title with 51 per cent of the vote – beating Beth Barsby’s hammie Buster by the tightest of margins.

Tom told The Tab: “I’m really proud of him, and will make sure that we clean his cage regularly as a reward for him winning.

“Sometimes we leave it a little bit too long and his poo can get stuck in his long hair but that won’t happen any more.”

Getting away with it, all his life…

Buster and her owner Beth were understandably disappointed with the result, but know the hamster can hold his head high.

Beth said: “Buster is still a winner in our eyes, he had half of Birmingham and Nottingham backing him so I just can’t believe he lost, when he deserved it so much.

“We’re still going to give him loads of treats and make him a trophy because he deserves to be treated like a king.”

She was also quick to praise her opponent Lunch, saying: “Congrats to Lunch for the well deserved win.”

Quit your canvassing

What an end to a stunning contest.

Thank you to everyone who nominated their hamsters, and well done to Lunch – the new undisputed King of Selly.