This is what campus looked like in 1946

The Business School used to be halls

A map of the uni has been discovered in a book dated 1946 in the library of the Birmingham and Midland institute.

The map was discovered by Beth Astington, the admissions and recruitment coordinator for modern languages at UoB.

The map shows buildings that had already been completed in orange, and sites for future development in green.


The Muirhead Tower hadn’t been built yet

The map also has numbered buildings like a modern day map of the uni.

Most of Chancellor’s Court and Old Joe (18) were already built, as was the Business School (20) although this was a halls of residence in 1946.

Also completed were the Barber (17), The Guild (18), a sports pavilion (21), the Med School (1), Oil Engineering (2), Mining (3 & 3a), and the Gym (5).  

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering (4) was still in development.

The map proved popular on the University’s Facebook page, as it gained over 1,440 likes.

It was a trip down memory lane for one Facebook fan who wrote: “20 is University House (UH) my old hall of residence for 1st year and 6 was my Psych block.”