Has The Feng found true love? Find out how she got on with Blind Date

‘I didn’t want to devastate any of them with my rejection’

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Monday saw The Bristol Pear host their Blind Date charity event, raising £120 for the Dignity in Care Fund at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

We sent BNOC of the Year Christina Feng down, to see if she could find the one.

Here’s how the night panned out for The Feng…

I was quite nervous about it all beforehand. Although I didn’t really dress myself up, I still wanted to look presentable, so spent quite a while making sure my hair was neat and tidy, and came in my usual t-shirt and dark jeans look.

The face of anticipation

The face of anticipation

At 8pm, my friend Emma Phelan came down to greet me in The Bristol Pear – we chatted for a while, before she took me and my other friends upstairs where I met the other committee members, including the lovely Annie Kershaw and Benedict Churchus, the host of the show.

We all knew it was a bit of fun for charity, but we were still quite nervous. When it was my turn to pick a potential date, I was taken upstairs to wait outside for a few minutes before being called in. I was then blindfolded and taken to the stage. My nerves were all over the place at this point. Since I could not see where I was going, I became frightened about walking in the right direction or tripping over somewhere. Luckily, with some assistance, I managed to find my way to the stage unharmed.

I had a couple of questions prepared for the three boys: what is your ideal date? Can you describe three qualities you look for in a girl? But the main thing on my mind was which one of them will win me over?


Who would it be?

All of the boys decided to disguise their voices in order to blur their identities. This resulted in the audience, the host and myself erupting in laughing fits, and made the decision very hard. Finally, as all the questions had been asked, the time for me to choose a boy had finally arrived. All of them had given me great, albeit extremely hilarious, answers and I also didn’t want to devastate any of them by my rejection.

I rejected contestant A, leaving me with B and C. Although both of them offered the ideal date of a musical and a long walk in the park, my heart went to the musical.

So I removed my blindfold and found out who I was matched with…

Blindfolds off and match revealed! (photo courtesy of Sam)

Blindfolds off and match revealed…

Sharing a hug after finding out we matched (photo courtesy of Samantha Sargeant)

Love at first sight

I was matched with Jordan Chilvers, a Drama student. I noticed he was wearing a birthday badge, so I wished him a happy birthday too. I had the chance to chat to him properly during the interval. I wasn’t nervous any more, just curious to find out more about him. He told me about an upcoming production he will be taking part in – Twelfth Night – at the Crescent Theatre and he encouraged me to go along to watch it. I definitely will, considering he is such a lovely and sweet boy.

I really hope me and Jordan can organise a date soon to meet up and talk some more. Let’s see what happens…

Thank you so much to everyone who organised the event and came to support me.