Vile anti-Semitic trolls attack Education Officer after she tweets Hitler poster

It said ‘Hitler was right’

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Guild officer Izzy Lenga has received a barrage of racist abuse after she tweeted a picture of an anti-semitic poster.

The poster, which she found on campus, was of Adolf Hitler with the caption: “HITLER WAS RIGHT”.

As Education Officer Izzy works alongside other officers to improve the lives of students at Brum uni – but this week, Izzy herself has been the subject of hate from anti-semitic individuals for making a stand against the poster.

But rather than turning a blind eye to the cruel and deeply upsetting messages and tweets, Izzy turned the situation on its head.

To raise awareness of the violently anti-Semitic attacks she has been receiving, she continued to retweet a selection of the vicious and deeply offensive messages.

Some of which you can read below, however many are too vile to reproduce. Find them for yourself by following @izzyjengalenga.

The incident has attracted the attention of many on Twitter, and despite the abuse Izzy received, there’s also been widespread support:

Leanne Kingsley, a first year also studying English said: “It is shocking and fundamentally wrong that Issy has recieved abuse for raising awareness about such vile and aggressive antisemitic attacks.

“The horrors that took place during the Holocaust must never be repeated, a feat that can only be ensured through eradicating anti-semitism.”

Danny Baggott, a third year studying English said: “It’s horrific to think people are still being treated like this in the 21st century.”

Rachel a second year Biomedical science student said: “It upsets me how religion is becoming so political these days. Izzy is doing very good things for many people and it’s unfair this sort of religious abuse is being inflicted on her when it’s just not necessary.

“People should not be judged on what religion they conform to. If Izzy wasn’t Jewish she’d still continue to do the great job she is doing and it is totally unjust that she should be the subject of this.”

Juliette Mann, a third year English student said: “The people who are being this despicable to her are the same people who are so abhorrent about the Syrian refugees.

“People who are determined to hate people of different backgrounds don’t differentiate. It is only through education and patience and having the courage to speak out that these ignorant xenophobes and racists will eventually be eradicated so what this girl is doing is courageous and right.

“No one should be afraid to spread messages of acceptance or to condemn evil. The level of support she has received has demonstrated there is good in the world and she must not be silenced through mindless hate!”