Birthday girl refused entry from Bambu for being ‘too black’

They travelled over 100 miles to celebrate

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A group of 11 girls were turned away from a nightclub by a bouncer because they were “too black”.

The group had travelled over 100 miles to celebrate a friend’s birthday, but say they were refused entry into Bambu because the club doesn’t allow “groups of black people”.

Jess Gregory – who organised the birthday trip for a friend – booked everything in advance, but on arrival, the girls were told by staff they were “not on the guest list”.

They showed their booking confirmation to the bouncer, but they were forced out of the queue by a security guard.

The girls were refused entry and told they were ‘too black’

The girls were expecting a night to remember

Jess posted on Facebook: “We were pushed out of the queue only to be told  we were too black.

“A security guard explained they do not allow groups of black people (we were a mixture of black and mixed girls ). He explained the club simply won’t let us in because of the colour of our skin and there being 11 of us would mean too ‘many’ black people.”

The group left and found somewhere else to celebrate, but are “hurt” by the discrimination.

Jess told The Tab: “I am disappointed this is allowed to happen and businesses feel comfortable discriminating. They have failed to contact me despite my messages to them.

“We were disappointed, frustrated and hurt. It ruined our evening and left us feeling bitter.

“The birthday girl was most disappointed having chosen the venue to celebrate. We travelled over 100 miles.

“We found an alternative venue and continued our evening there.”

Jess Gregory is disgusted by the treatment from Bambu staff

Jess added: “This isn’t about money or making a claim. This is simply about everyone having the right to party where they wish. Black, white, Asian, short, tall, thin or plus size.

“We are all entitled to enjoy an evening out without the fear of being discriminated against because we don’t look a certain way.

“I just want people to be empowered to feel they have the right to stand up when they feel something is wrong. Discrimination in any form is wrong.”

Sinead, who was also out for the birthday, said: “I was really looking forward to this night but never again.

“I wasn’t allowed in because we were told there were too many black people in my group. The manager himself said he could not undermine the lady on the doors’ decision, even though we had all shown proof of booking and confirmation.

“After that a group of four black people also got turned away. Disgusting.”

The club in question

The club has been accused of being racist before

It isn’t the first time the club, on Wrottesley Street, has been accused of racism.

In September 2015, the club came under fire for telling a girl who wanted a job they needed “less Afro Caribbean staff”.

They have since been branded “an embarrassment to Birmingham” and a “racist, disgusting hole”.

The Tab contacted Bambu but we have not yet received a reply.