We asked why you chose to study at Brum

Nobody said ‘for the banter’

Distinguishing the party animal from the career driven youth. The good-time-gal from the library hermit. The Mike Ross from the Trevor. And all the motivations, mumbo-jumbo and otherwise in-between.

Unimaginable as it sounds that fateful day we leave University fast approaches and we picked our courses and universities with that day in mind…Didn’t we?

We asked a combination of first and second years just why exactly they came to university and what they love best about it now they’re here:

Three 2nd Year, Law students

It’s obvious Emily (Left), Camille and Ellie (Right) study law because *books*

It’s obvious Emily (Left), Camille and Ellie (Right) study law because *books*

Emily: “It’s the logical route to take in a field like Law. Although I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying the student experience. And it’s not just about nights out either, it’s the different friend groups, societies and general community buzz.”

Camille: “It’s definitely a stepping stone for job opportunities. Also I have big shoes to fill and expectations to live up to because of my sister”

Ellie: “I guess I came to Uni in part because I wanted the opportunity a degree could offer and also because I wanted that student experience everyone talked about. A bit of both. Going to University has just become the ‘done thing’, so much so that I think it’s kind of expected for you to go. The next step.”

Devya, 2nd Year, Economics

A beautiful campus is definitively a bonus.

A beautiful campus is definitively a bonus

“Well I came to the University of Birmingham specifically because one It’s local, two It’s beautiful and three everybody is just so friendly. The green space and community vibes on campus are fantastic. It really says something to feel so at home and supported here that I’m in the process of setting up a Yoga society on my own. I just really love the whole experience.”

Jiachen Wang, 1st Year, Accountancy and Finance

The sensible jacket for the sensible accountant.

The sensible jacket for the sensible accountant.

“University study provides many opportunities for the career I want in China. The main reason I’m here is so I can gain the knowledge and degree, all in this wonderful place, to give me that opportunity. I like the city and the people in it very much indeed.

I prefer it to London in many ways. The environment is scenic, the people are very kind and friendly.”

Megan, 1st Year, Social Work Studies

Sitting by the soon-to-be-demolished library.

Sitting by the soon-to-be-demolished library.

“I want to be a social worker and the best thing about being at Uni is finally being able to study for what I want to pursue!”

Matthew, 1st Year, Economics

Enjoy that first year while you can.

Enjoy that first year while you can.

“I came to University simply because a good degree equals a good job. No matter what you’re doing the opportunity it offers is much greater. The friends I’ve made in the short time I’ve been here have been amazing too. So now I’m here, I’d say that’s definitely an upside too.”

Ultimately, if you’re dead-set on a career path, maybe even gunning for a specific job, you’re doing university right. Equally, if Uni is your platform for discovering what you want to do when you leave, you’re doing it right too.

There is no norm. We’re all in this together.