Tab poll results: Tories and Labour neck and neck


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From first through to third year, it seems we just can’t make our mind up who we want to win.

With High Fliers claiming we’re going to vote Conservative, The Tab’s own survey has concluded Labour and Conservative have just one per cent between them.

Labour are currently in the lead with 37 per cent, but Cameron is on his back with 36 per cent of the vote.

It’s too close to call

Greens have stolen third place but with a miserly nine per cent, miles behind the two main parties.

Second years are supporting Cameron with a five per cent lead, with third years also hoping Dave will swoop back into Number 10.

Six per cent of those surveyed confessed they still didn’t know who they wanted to vote for, and two per cent said they didn’t want to vote at all.

Half of the Politics students who took our poll are pushing Ed, along with 50 per cent of English undergrads.

Of the brave three per cent who admitted supporting UKIP, the majority are freshers, but they’re still the least popular party at Birmingham.

High Fliers predicted a Conservative swing here

English student Ciara Tomlinson said: “I think it reflects the mood on campus.

“Me and my friends were taking about it the other day and a lot of people we know feel disillusioned with the bigger parties, especially after our tuition fees went up.

“We think there’s probably a lot of students looking towards minor parties as an alternative, which is obviously taking away voters from Labour and Tories.”

Fresher Ollie Foster added: “I’m actually surprised it’s so close between the two main parties.

“I know a lot of students believe the Tories don’t offer much for them, so I would have expected a Labour majority.

“I’m not surprised the Greens are third though, people are losing faith in the Lib Dems.”