Second year passes out after she is stalked home by boys in UoB sports hoodies

The Guild are now investigating

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A second year collapsed in fear after she was followed home by men in UoB hoodies after they jumped out on her and shouted abuse.

The incident caused her to have a panic attack and pass out afterwards in fear.

The event occurred in the dark near the Metchley Pitches and Pritchatts park.

The sports club that these students belong to is currently unknown.

Speaking to the victim in question, she told The Tab:

“I was walking back across campus from the Guild early evening, and had just come past the station to the crossing.

“It was really dark, I was by myself.

“I could hear noises coming from behind the hedges/pathway by the med school stairs. As I walked past, three guys in sports kit jumped out behind me, making stupid noises and getting really into my personal space.

“They scared the hell out of me. I completely froze for what felt like forever, and they wouldn’t move out of my space.”

When the girl thought the boys had left her alone, they continued to follow her at a close distance.

“They finally got out of the way and still laughing, I was shaking.

“I check over my shoulder, and next thing I know, all three of them are following about four or five metres behind me.

“I caught eye contact, so I freak out and start walking faster, and then they started having a really loud aggressive conversation i.e. my appearance, sex, guessing what sort of things I’d be into, taking the shit out of my reactions, the sort of things they’d quite enjoy.

“By this point, I’m feeling absolutely terrified, walking so fast I’m practically jogging, trying to contact one of my friends to meet me.”

After reaching her road she ran back to her flat. When she got through the door she had a panic attack so severe it caused her to pass out.

“I ended up having such a bad panic attack in my room that I hyperventilated and passed out.

“I Haven’t felt comfortable out by myself since it happened, and I get really nervous around any groups/guys in sports gear around me, and made my mental health condition become quite bad.

“I honestly don’t feel very safe coming back to my flat by myself, or being out in the dark, which is severely limiting for anyone.”

The current VP for sport is making efforts to find and reprimand these students while stating that she condemns this sort of behaviour.

In a message to Birmingham’s sports teams, she said: “Behaviour like this is completely unacceptable from any student and will be dealt with seriously.

“No one should be made to feel uncomfortable or unsafe whilst walking home near campus and as students that is something that it is all of our jobs to ensure does not happen.”