Video: drunk students cycle down stairs

Histairious antics from Exeter’s finest.

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A group of boozed-up students had a wheely good idea when they geared up to cycle down their stairs.

After returning from a club – rather than feeling tyred and going to bed – the dopey wannabe Wiggins decided instead to emulate A&E loyalty card holder Evel Knievel.

Knievel broke 433 bones during a career as the world’s most famous daredevil but Exeter Uni’s hapless answer to Chris Hoy was more worried about his boner.

Shortly after the stunt the jovial atmosphere was punctured by the student screaming in agony: “My dick. Aaaaah my dick.”

Both students involved were unharmed and managed the attempt without braking any of the house’s furnishings ensuring they weren’t saddled with any bills for repairs.