What the Clock?

It was the day time stood still. Students are left confused as Old Joe stops ticking

The University of Birmingham’s beloved landmark, Old Joe, caused shock and confusion this morning when it stopped at 10:30am.

This photo was taken at 10.55am by Ian Dudley

The clock tower (famously celebrated as the tallest freestanding altar of time in the world) is normally renowned for its accuracy. It’s said that the Swiss have used Old Joe to schedule train times.

However, there will be late Toblerone’s this morning as students looked up in awe. One was heard to mutter darkly “Oh God. Now is a good time to panic”.

The one channel of communication we have with the omniscient tower (twitter) is claiming a rather rough night out as the excuse for poor time keeping.

Someone should give him a ticking off.

We can only assume Old Joe goes out with St Stephen’s Tower and screams along to ‘The Time Warp’.

Will Old Joe ever be fixed? Only time will tell.