Tab tries: Fetish Society

Luke Terry dispels all rumours about UoB’s Fetish Society

When I was asked to review the University’s Fetish Society I thought it be a great way to increase my readership. After all, those who like my articles would read it because I wrote it. Those who are indifferent to my articles would read it because of the interesting subject matter. And those who dislike my articles would read it to see me whipped, spanked and generally beaten the shit out of.

Just like back at private school

Just like back at private school

And okay, I was also kind of excited by the prospect of a full on orgy in the Guild.

Yet the claim that they are the only society with permission to shag on campus is (not surprisingly but still disappointingly) just a rumour. And one that its members are getting fed up with. Sorry, but if you want an orgy in the Guild, your best bet is still Fab.

This is far from the only rumour to get under FetSoc’s skin. Other false accusations are that a couple of years ago they spent their entire budget on lube and that their initiations involved asking all members which Disney character they would fuck. Which, to be honest, sounds like a pretty tame initiation. No one asked them to drink Vodka and Tabasco Sauce out of a pigs head.  And talk about obvious, it’s definitely the little goat creature out of Hercules. Am I right? No? Okay.

Are you sure those are tears in his eyes?

Are you sure those are tears in his eyes

But, of course, once you dig into these rumours they fall apart instantly. FetSoc doesn’t have any use for lube as they don’t have organised sex sessions in any manner at all. And they certainly don’t do initiations.

So what do they get up to?

“The Fetish Society provides a safe space for people to learn about and explore their sexuality” their official guide states. “We aim to improve understanding of consent and safety among our members.”

All sounds perfectly reasonable really. So I went along to one of their meetings, and I LOVED IT. They may not have Bunga Bunga parties but they are one of nicest groups of people I’ve ever met.

You get the impression that they all really do care about helping each other discover and unlock their sexual identity in a fun, easy going atmosphere. One of them even tied me up.


Just like back at private school...wait what?

Just like back at private school…wait what?

It seems a shame then, that they are marred by so many rumours that make them sound about as credible as Rick Santorum claiming he’s only on his knees in airport toilets because he dropped his campaign flyers on the floor.

FetSoc come highly recommended to anyone with an interest in exploring and finding out more about any kink they might have. And if you are only reading this to hear weird sex fetishes, some of them had heard of a guy who gets turned on by balloons.

So, if you take nothing else away from this article at least you have a mental image of someone masterbating to UP.