I predict an earthquake!

Summer ball headliner Labrinth’s failed stunt sends students toppling to the floor

Hip-hop megastar and Windows 8 frontman Labrinth sent students weak at the knees at Saturday’s Party in the Car Park.

But it wasn’t the rapper’s tunes that had fans falling over themselves; it was the artist himself as he attempted a particularly enthusiastic stage dive into the crowd.

Despite warning revellers he was about to jump during his hit-single Earthquake, Labrinth soon found himself face-to-face with the tarmac as nobody decided to catch him.

The London-based star, signed to Simon Cowell’s record label, actually attempted two stage dives that night.

The first, more of a hop into the crowd, was met with a tepid response.

Frustrated, Labrinth (née Timothy McKenzie) launched into a foul-mouthed tirade at those who refused to dance with him.

The chart topping star shouted: “If you ain’t ready to fucking party in this bitch tonight, go the fuck home”.

After the DJ had reset the track, Labrinth made his second attempt. The crowd was no better prepared and a human domino effect took place as students were flung to the floor.


One student caught in the crush said: “Where me and [another student] were standing we didn’t actually see him jump, we just saw everyone falling back and then we were literally stuck under four other guys! It was so painful!

“I can’t really walk after last night.”

The star later tweeted an image of his self mid-jump taken by an audience member:

labrinth tweet

I Predict An Epic Fail

‘I Predict An Epic Fail’

This year Kent Uni’s annual summer ball was re-launched as the Party in the Car Park, after we exclusively revealed Labrinth as this year’s headliner earlier this year.