Save the Burrito Van

Apprentice candidate’s food outlet could be kicked off campus next month.


We could be saying hasta la vista to the Burrito Van on campus very soon unless the University decides to extend the business’ contract.

The Burrito Van was set up by Brum graduate and Apprentice-reject Tim Stillwell.

Burrito Man and founder, Tim Stillwell

A ‘Save the Burrito Van’ campaign has been set up by Burrito fan and Philosophy student Jasmine Stewart in a bid to save the business.

So far, the campaign has 490 likes on Facebook and 773 signatures on its petition. 

Jasmine told The Tab:I have friends who work at the burrito van who told me what was going on, and I love burritos so I didn’t want it to go without a fight. It just seems really unfair that small businesses are being targeted.”

While Starbucks and Costa continue to dominate campus, the Burrito Van’s contract will terminate on June 15 unless University management changes its mind.

The University obviously doesn’t understand our craving for Mexican cuisine on campus.

We spoke to Tab-fan Tim who said: It’s fantastic to have this student support. I’m so so grateful… the petition made us realise the importance of the business to students.”

The fate of the business will be decided after the Burrito Man states his case to the University on June 4.

Unfortunately, Lord Sugar won’t be stepping in to save the business, so it’s down to you- sign the petition and save the Burrito Van!