Rhian Lubin

Rhian Lubin
Birmingham University


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Gingers are dying out because of climate change

‘If it was to get less cloudy and there was more sun, there would be fewer people carrying the gene,’ experts warn

Seedy Sonics scammed by ‘horrific bitch’ who stole 200 tickets

Thief stole 200 Seedy Sonics tickets “in cold blood”

UoB fall behind BCU in the Brummie Bonking league

BCU students are getting more action than we are. Still getting a rubbish degree though…

Clean Getaway: UoB stunned as Gradball headliner pulls out last minute

There’s some place they’d Rather Be…Clean Bandit have pulled out of Gradball

This librarian is so scared of Kim Kardashian he VOMITS when he sees her

Can I live

QUIZ: What type of annoying third year are you?

This is third year. It’s time to get serious. But you’re really pissing everybody off

Female student punched in the face in ANOTHER Selly Oak attack, this time on Raddlebarn Road

Muggers punch finalist as she falls to the ground – leaving her with a black eye

I need Feminism because…

To mark International Women’s Day last week, the UoB Women’s Association took to campus with their whiteboards and ‘Who Needs Feminism?’ campaign

VIDEO: Students dragged out of David Eastwood’s lecture by security

Watch as members of Defend Education are dragged from a lecture given by David Eastwood

Made in Selly: Brum student stars in Made in Chelsea

Birmingham student plays role in last year’s Made in Chelsea

They’re at it again: Defend Education occupy another university building

Defend Education are in occupation once more

Is this Birmingham Uni sport video almost as cringey as Loughborough SU’s?

See if you can watch UoB Sport’s rendition of ‘You are my Sunshine’ without cringing (it’s almost impossible).

Forget Crimbo, this is how Brum students celebrated Chanukah

The last night of Chanukah is upon us, so we found out how Birmingham students celebrated the Jewish holiday in Selly

Is this UB Sport video almost as cringey as Loughborough SU’s?

See if you can watch UB Sport’s rendition of ‘You are my Sunshine’ without cringing.

Chanukah candles cause fire at Jewish Halls

Unattended Chanukah candles started a blaze at student accommodation

Your parents are lame on Facebook

Why the older generation are a bit cringe on social media

SPOTTED: Cutest puppy ever on campus

Cute alert!

Selly poke: Spenny’s night of passion in Brum

Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews beds a third year in steamy Selly Oak romp

SPOTTED: Spencer Matthews in Selly

Made in Chelsea star in Selly Oak

Jonathan Blausten’s open letter in full

Jonathan Blausten posted this open letter to the Guild on Facebook to complain about their Zero Tolerance on racism policy

Sombrerogate: Outrage as Guild ban “racist” outfits

The Guild banned students from dressing as Mexicans, comedy characters and the Native American from the YMCA because they think they’re racist

My housemate’s a pole dancer

Meet the student with a pole in the corner of her bedroom

Laughed out of Leicester, banned from Exeter: now Tim Westwood is coming to Brum

Dj sparked outrage at a gig in Leicester SU last month

Snobs is moving on

The 41 year old Indie club is moving venues

Strictly Brum Dancing

Strictly star was on campus last night

The Guild bans ‘Blurred Lines’

Robin Thicke’s No.1 hit single ‘Blurred Lines’ has been banned by the Guild of students

Poppy backs ‘Blurred Lines’ ban

The guild might soon be following Edinburgh SU’s decision to ban Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines in union buildings

Labrador has a masters degree

Service dog Kirsch picks up postgrad qualification

Life’s not fare: Graduate places job ad in back of taxi

After being turned down for dozens of interviews, Emma Clifford decided to advertise her CV on the seats of a London cab.

Gun attack at the Rainbow warehouse

Witnesses tell of manic scenes last night at the Rainbow warehouse after a man was shot

You might never be able to pay off your student loan

A seriously scary report suggests graduates might be in debt for life (well, 30 years at least)

The worst student exam blunders

Let’s have a good laugh at people who cocked up in their exams (don’t worry, it’s all anonymous).

Bristol medic is having Peter Andre’s baby

The pair apparently met when her dad was operating on Pete.

If you wear any of these t-shirts, you need to sort your life out

We really hope nobody wears these

How to fit in at Seedy

A quick guide on how to fit in at Seedy if you’ve never been before. Shh, don’t mention One Direction!

Save the Burrito Van

Apprentice candidate’s food outlet could be kicked off campus next month.

Guild Boycotts Carnage

Guild of Students boycotts Carnage UK and urges students to avoid the event

The advantages of being ginger

Gingers have a tough time. But it’s not all that bad.

Moseley on down to the Scientology centre

Plans to convert an abandoned estate into a Scientology centre in Moseley have been back by the council.

Burrito Man episode one

Brum graduate Tim Stillwell made his debut on last night’s Apprentice. The Tab reviews his performance.

Sun in Brum

It’s roasting out there and we absolutely love it!

I don’t think you’re ready for this Selly

A Birmingham fresher has landed a dream gig, supporting Beyonce tomorrow night at Brum’s LG Arena

Burn FM Sport do Comic Relief

BurnFM Sport have created this spoof boy-band vid in aid of Comic Relief

Who needs Feminism?

40 days of protest outside Calthorpe Abortion clinic

Controversial pro-life campaign, ’40 days For Life’ , outside Calthorpe road abortion clinic has caused a stir amongst students and members of the public

‘Indiana’ Josh and the Tweet of Doom

VPHC candidate ‘Indiana’ Josh Llewellyn is stopping his campaigning due to a complaint over a controversial tweet he made. However he is not withdrawing from the elections.

RON for your lives

A Facebook page has been set up urging students to vote RON in the Guild Elections

Say Hola! Beloved Burrito van back on campus

Peckish punters rejoice as the beloved Burrito van returns to campus

Speed Dating: Where’s all the Sausage?

Single, and determined to do something vaguely ‘romantic’ this Valentine’s Day, The Tab’s Rhian Lubin went speed dating at Selly Sausage.

Van Tran: She Doesn’t Even Go Here!

In her own words she’s ‘short, stupid and bitchy’. The Tab has done the impossible and got some words out of the mysterious Van Tran

Newman on campus: Brum gets fifth uni

Tiny teacher training college qualifies for university status.

Who’s Lookin’ Good on Campus?

The Tab teamed up with the UoB Fashion Society- FABSOC on a hunt for the best-dressed on campus!

Pocock: Guild politics is for tits

Tab columnist Torin Pocock answers the question: Does anyone really care about Guild politics? And he’s angry.

Guild show poker face in vote-rigging debacle

Statement released says investigations are ongoing. There must be a few nervous Guild Councillors out there.

Leander ‘The Panda’ soon to be Extinct?

Allegations of vote-rigging in Guild General Meeting after post on Facebook shows dodgy conversation.

The Parable of the Memory Stick and the Busty Lesbian

The Tab’s new columnist Luke Terry knows how to liven up a dull tutorial.

The Tab Tries: Itchy Feet

The Tab’s Rhian Lubin overcame the snow and a ‘serious wardrobe malfunction’ in order to check out Itchy Feet @ The Jam House

The Tab meets: The Drinks2Go Man

Renowned for its cheap alcohol and his infamous catchphrase “lolly for the lady”, The Tab’s Lottie Halstead and Olivia Klineberg caught up with the local legend

Spotted video goes viral

Two star-crossed lovers are caught on camera as they prepare to consummate their loving relationship.