Brum student blackmailed Tamara Ecclestone for £200k

A Brum student has been accused of blackmailing reality TV star Tamara Ecclestone

A Birmingham media studies student blackmailed socialite Tamara Ecclestone in a bid to scam £200,000, a court heard yesterday.

Jakir Uddin allegedly plotted with Ecclestone’s former lover Derek Rose to scam £200,000 from Tamara after watching her show off to the nation on her Channel 5 reality show $$ Dollar Girl.

Tamara Ecclestone was blackmailed over 11-year-old ‘intimate secrets’

Prosecutor William Boyce QC said the 20-year-old demanded the cash in an email sent to Ecclestone’s manager, posing as Rose’s representative.

Mr Boyce said the email described an ‘incident’ from the couple’s relationship – which ended 11 years ago – and made ‘pernicious’ suggestions about the damage the revelations would cause.

Jakir Udin leaves Southwark Crown Court

He said the tone of it was: ‘You don’t really want that in the press whether it’s true or not.’

Udin allegedly stood to gain just £50,000 from the scam. The moral of the story: stick to selling Fab tickets.

The case continues.