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Meet the castaways of Shipwrecked 2019, and prepare to become obsessed

Where do they find such beautiful people


The time has finally come for Shipwrecked to return to our screens. Last week it was announced Shipwrecked 2019 will be airing on January 28th at 9pm on E4. That leaves us with one small detail we are still left to find out, the Shipwrecked 2019 cast list.

The basic outline of the show is on two remote islands, two rival tribes, the Tigers and the Sharks, battle against each other in the ultimate popularity contest. In each episode, new arrivals spend a day and night with each tribe who try and win the newbies over to prove that they are the better island. The new arrivals then pick a tribe to join, and the biggest tribe at the end win £50,000.

So here they are, the cast of Shipwrecked 2019 – the people who for the foreseeable future, you'll be obsessed with the every move of.

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Harry, a model

26-year-old Harry is a model from London. He described his Shipwrecked experience as "unbelievable" and said his personality is "enigmatic, fun and ruthless".

His modelling career has been very successful, he's signed to an agency and has done loads of shoots, all over the world.

Harry lived in Bali for a month, and when asked why he applied for the show he said: "To be honest it is not something I would usually do. I literally had nothing to do and I just thought ‘fuck it’ – who doesn’t want to be on the beach."

He describes himself as having "had a pretty successful career for the last ten years, mixing in the right fame circles. Modelling has its ups and downs and I am dealing with the cards I was dealt with."

He says on the show he is "a bit more chilled than I thought I would be. You become friends with everyone and you bond together. I think I came across more mature than I actually am."

His luxury items were a cricket set and trx ropes, and he says he was good at making fires for the camp.

Liv, a waitress

Liv is a 19-year-old waitress from Manchester. She says she is kind hearted, has an attitude problem and is funny. When asked why she thinks she was picked for the show, she said: "I am different. I am from a council estate and I have never done anything like this before. I am a very strong person, I know who I am and what I am about. If I want something I will get it."

On the show she says she gets on the most with Chris and Hollie – and admits she did fancy Chris at first until finding out he was gay.

Her luxury item was an inflatable unicorn, but she brought the drama too – admitting she was argumentative and did cause a stir with a few fellow castaways.

Tom, student at Loughborough University

20-year-old Tom is from Devon, and studying industrial design at Loughborough University and training for the Marines. He says he is stubborn, honest and loyal.

He says he most got along with Kush. "Stereotypically we wouldn’t be paired up as friends because I am this old school Devon guy with old values and he is a new half Indian guy from London who is into fashion," he said. "We are opposite sides of the world but he was absolutely brilliant."

When asked if he was single entering the island he said: "Yes I was." WAS. NOTE: WAS.

He says his plans now are to finish his uni course and see what happens.

Big T (Tula), a wig maker

Tula is a 26-year-old wig maker from London. She described her Shipwrecked experience as "life changing". She says she thinks she was picked for the show because she's controversial.

She went to Newcastle University and studied Classical History. She was named as "The Sassy Mama" in The Tab's Toon Talent 2013.

When asked how her family would describe her, she said: "Spontaneous, crazy, never on time, I love talking and I am quite lazy!" She says she had the role of cooking for everyone on the island, and on the first night she had a huge row with Liv.

Her luxury items were a manicure and pedicure kit, and she says the closest she has ever come to an experience like Shipwrecked was her Duke of Edinburgh expedition.

Kalia, a model

20-year-old Kalia is a model from Bedfordshire. Alongside her modelling, she also works in a Chinese takeaway. The only other time she's been camping is for V Festival.

She describes her personality as stubborn, honest and having dry humour.

Her luxury items were a snorkel and a football. It looks like she's going to try her shot at fame too, because after the show she said she would love to go into TV. "I would love to be in EastEnders and I am going to see what happens. I don’t want to limit myself. I want to do anything and everything. I want to be different to how other reality TV stars do it."

Emma, Publishing and English grad

Emma is 21 and from Rutland. She also went to Loughborough University, and graduated from her publishing and English course in summer. On her insta you can tell she loved a night out down the SU.

She says she is opinionated, unapologetic and funny and her Shipwrecked experience was emotional. She first came up with the idea for applying in the library at uni. She said: "I was in the library with my friends and I thought it was a bit of a joke, as I never thought I would get in! I watched it when I was younger and I was obsessed with it. I thought ‘why not’." Classic.

She says her university life put her in good stead for life on the island and she loved having a break from social media when she was on the show. She says she would quite like to do more acting and presenting on TV in the future.

Hollie, a social media influencer

24-year-old Hollie is a social media influencer from Bromley who describes herself as caring, kind and outgoing. She has 25k followers on Insta, and tags brands such as Pretty Little Thing, Lounge Underwear and House of CB in her posts.

Her luxury items were a mirror and coffee, and she says she has never experienced anything like Shipwrecked.

She said she managed to avoid all arguments on the island, and all the drama went over her head. She also said she found love whilst on the island and they are still together!!!!!

Kush, a recruitment manager

26-year-old recruitment manager Kush, from London, described his Shipwrecked experience as divine. He says he is an eclectic, outgoing and energising person who has always wanted to go travelling.

When asked why he thought he was picked for the show, he said: "I am a bit quirky, different and crazy. I am quite opinionated but in a good way. I am also open-minded and I do think you need to be when you go in an environment like that. You have to go with the flow. You have to think ‘f**k it let’s just do it’."

He calls himself the director of fun, who bought style and fun to the island. His luxury items were fairy lights and a pillow. He says after the show he wants to tour the world with his music.

Chris, a company CEO

Chris is the CEO of Strawberries and Creem Events. He's 24, and from London. He describes himself as caring, understanding and fun.

His luxury items on the island were hair clippers and a drum. He says he did have an argument with "one girl" – and then it came out she had been lying to the other castaways about something. ?

Chris is also a grad from University of Cambridge. He modelled in the charity fashion show at uni, and graduated in 2016.

When asked what he would like to do after the show, he said: "I would like to do some more TV. I wouldn’t change my job in the world but it would be nice to do something different. I would love to do more travelling too."

Shipwrecked will be on weekdays at 9pm on E4, starting on Monday 28th January.

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