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This Loughborough third year might be the hottest Shipwrecked contestant EVER

Well hello Tom ?


After a long and hard seven years, Shipwrecked is finally coming back. The series airs on January 28th at 9pm on E4, and the cast list looks hotter than ever. To prove that point, enter Tom from Shipwrecked 2019. A third year Loughborough student that is going to be on our screens EVERY DAY. What a gift.

Here is everything you need to know about Tom Wotton, ahead of him becoming your fav castaway this year.

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Tom's Shipwrecked cast pic

He's 20, and from Devon

Tom was born in Devon and is 20-years-old. He was single when he went onto Shipwrecked (note: WAS), and said he didn't think he would find love on a reality TV show, which definitely means something has gone down whilst he was on there.

On Instagram though, it definitely looks like he's dating someone. I mean, she captions photos of them together as with "this one". Could she be one of the new arrivals on the island later on????

He studies Industrial Design at Loughborough

Tom is in his final year at Loughborough University studying industrial design. He is also training for the Marines. He says that his plans for 2019 after the show has aired, is to finish his course and see if he gets into the Marines. It doesn't look like he has any plans to break the TV scene or go into presenting or Instagram sponsored posting like the tragic ex Love Islanders.

He describes himself as stubborn, honest and loyal

He also described his Shipwrecked experience as "interesting" and said he applied for the show because he "needed a bit of a getaway and it sounded good fun." He says he may have come across as annoying on the show, because he was quite democratic. He says he's not into petty arguments – and tried to stay away from the gossip and dramas – he finds all that quite pathetic. He also says he's no Gordon Ramsey, but he can cook the basics – which helped him on the island.

He's into travelling and sports

He says he's done "loads of outdoor stuff" and has spent a month in Borneo. Before the show, he was doing a sky diving course and he is a self-confessed adrenaline junkie. In his spare time he does skiing, cliff jumping, snow boarding and wakeboarding. His Instagram shows off just how sporty he is, and all the exotic places he's been to.

He must be pretty practical, because his luxury items for the island were a mosquito net and a Gill net.

He's really fit

Nothing to see here, just a couple pics to prove a point.

He's not the only Loughborough student that's featuring on Shipwrecked 2019. Meet Emma, a Publishing and English grad – also in the original cast for this year's show.

Shipwrecked will be on weekdays at 9pm on E4, starting on Monday 28th January.

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