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These are all the secret luxury items the cast of Shipwrecked have with them

I don’t think an inflatable unicorn is really necessary

We've waited years, but finally Shipwrecked is back. And already Shipwrecked 2019 is ruffling feathers – with people arguing it's nothing like the original series'. One of the reasons being because it seems the islanders have it pretty easy. They don't have to build their own camp like other castaways have in the past, and they all seem to have these crazy luxury items with them. I mean, Liv has an inflatable unicorn?

The cast of Shipwrecked 2019 have some pretty rogue "luxury items" they have decided to bring to the island with them. Which begs the question, what are all the luxury items that the cast have? Is island life really that hard when they're all galavanting around in makeup, heels and with and with luxuries galore?

Here are all of the luxury items the islanders took with them to the remote island.


Harry took in a cricket set and trx ropes. For anyone unfamiliar with what a trx rope is, it's for cardio training – apparently.


We've already met Liv's inflatable unicorn, and that is actually all she brought with her. Obviously thinking about the essentials here.


Loughborough student Tom was obviously thinking practically when packing his luxury items, as he brought a mosquito net and a Gill net. Sensible.

Big T

Obviously Big T would take in something extra, she packed her manicure and pedicure kit. She also took straighteners – but erm, where would you plug those in???


Kalia delivered the fun to the island, bringing along a snorkel and a football. Not very practical, but probably entertaining.


Loughborough grad Emma arrived on the island with a badminton set and a hammock. A hammock is genius imo, bet everyone tries to steal time on that.


It's not surprising that social media influencer Hollie took in a mirror. I don't think that's Bear Grylls style to reflect sunlight and make a fire either. She also had coffee with her, which if she has the patience to boil water over the fire, is a pretty good luxury item.


In true uni girl decorating her halls fashion, Kush brought fairy lights and a pillow. The pillow is understandable, and the fairy lights probably made the island look beaut in the evening.


Cambridge grad Chris has incredible hair, so it's no surprise he took hair clippers. Wonder if he'll turn into Kem circa Love Island 2017 and end up cutting everyone's hair all the time? He also took a drum which is quite tribe-esque.

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