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Introducing Hollie Hobin, the cool-girl influencer from Shipwrecked 2019

I want her Insta

These days, it seems like everyone is a social media influencer. But not many people can say they're a social media influencer, who's already hanging out with A-listers, and is about to boost their profile even more by starring on Shipwrecked 2019. Hollie Hobin can. Here's everything you need to know about Hollie from Shipwrecked 2019, and prepare to become quite jealous.

She's 24, and from Bromley

24-year-old Hollie was born in Bromley in South London. It was her friends that encouraged her to take part on Shipwrecked. She obviously a bit of home comforts girl, because she said she missed her dog the most whilst being away.

She's a social media influencer

Hollie has a pretty big social media presence, it's literally her job. She's a fashion influencer and vlogger.

She has nearly 38,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel where she uploads videos such as clothing hauls and hair tutorials. Looks can be deceiving though, as she said when she was on the island she wasn't fussed about doing her hair or makeup and enjoyed the simple life.

Whilst she was on the island she says she didn't miss her phone that much, but she did miss having a camera to capture moments with.

She already has 24k followers on Instagram

Her Instagram gives me serious envy. Her feed is beauts, and she's worked with brands such as PrettyLittleThing, Lounge underwear and has done professional shoots galore. She also hangs around with some pretty famous famous faces, she has a pic with Karlie Kloss.

She describes herself as caring, kind and outgoing

She also says that she is the one everyone on the island came to if they were ever feeling down. She avoided all the arguments, and says dramas went over her head and she was oblivious to any tensions.

She says her time on the island helped her to realise you don't need to rely on social media as much in life, and it's much less stressful without it.

She is open minded to doing more TV after Shipwrecked, but doesn't think she will do another reality TV show. She instead wants to focus on doing more modelling.

She finds love on the island!!!!

Hollie went onto the island single, but left with someone!! She says she wasn't looking for a relationship when she went onto the island but she did find someone, and she's still with them now!!! ?

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