This is how to get someone to see your Instagram story first

Your story will never be ignored again

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Whether you have a motive or not, on Instagram the aim is fundamentally to get noticed. But is there a way to guarantee you will get noticed by that certain person? How can you get someone to see your Instagram story first so they never skip past it again?

It's literally impossible to let your story expire without checking religiously to see if the person you hate, or the guy you're texting, or the girl you fancied at school has viewed your story. I don't know about you, but I WANT them to see my posts, I WANT them to take notice of my life – and I want them to see what I'm doing straight away when they open the app.

Instagram holds many mysteries, like how to get a blue tick, how it ranks story viewers, how it ranks likes on posts, how to view someone's story without them seeing, how to save posts, and how to actually get followers, but the way to get your story seen is the most mysterious hack yet.

So we tried out an Instagram hack to see whether you can get your story boosted to the front of the list – and it works. Here it is using two phones to illustrate how you'd do it, and what they'd see.

First, post your story

A pretty obvious first step, but to get your story noticed there needs to be one uploaded. Whether this is a thirst trap, a picture of you living your best life or anything – if you want it to be seen, you want it to be good.

At first it'll probably get lost in the list of stories they have to view, like this:

This is how the stories appear all listed at the top of *said someone's* feed, without your story even there

Then, hide the story from whoever you want to see it first

Then you need to get your story and hide it from the person or people you want to see it first. You can do this on story settings – by either clicking the icon in the top left corner BEFORE the story is published or by clicking the three dots and "more" button on a published story.

From this list select "story settings" and you can pick who you want to hide it from – select the people you want.

Unhide the story from them again

In exactly the same way as before, deselect them from the list of people you have hidden your story from.

You are instantly sent to the front of the list

And as if by magic, your story leapfrogs everyone else and is at the front of their list.

And that's how to get someone to see your Instagram story first

You will never go unnoticed again.

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