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Forget Barbie Feet, the ‘Baby Giraffe’ is the new pose you need to do on Instagram

Bella Hadid is a fan

It was only a month ago the Barbie Feet pose was introduced as the latest way to contour your body to get more likes. Bella Hadid, Romee Strijd, the Kardashians and bloggers all over the world were doing Barbie Feet, where you put one foot in front of the other, with the front foot arched so your feet resemble Barbie's. The reason? It makes your legs look super slim giving the illusion you look much taller.

But good news!! Because if you couldn't quite master putting one leg in front of the other, there's a new plandid which gets the same results of making your legs look slimmer: the 'Baby Giraffe' pose. And how do you do the Baby Giraffe? It's simple, you put one leg in front of the other!!!!

The Baby Giraffe is the brain child of Eva Chen, the head of fashion at Instagram. You basically put one foot in front of the other, with your back foot on tip toes – like the opposite of Barbie Feet. In an Instagram post, she explained how to master the Baby Giraffe. She said: "Baby giraffe pose, explained: One foot forward, back foot slightly on tippy toes (like you're coming off a step!)…Hold the phone at a straight on angle."

Apparently Eva received lots of compliments about how slim her legs looked when doing the pose in her Insta mirror selfies, so decided to give it an official name.

Like Barbie Feet, all the celebrities and bloggers are doing the pose to achieve long, slender legs and extra height.

But tbh, I'm not quite understanding where the 'Baby Giraffe' name came from. For those who need some visual assistance, this is what a baby giraffe looks like:

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Hmm, okay then

The front two legs slightly resemble the pose, but surely any four legged animal could've made the cut? Regardless, getting slim pins has never been so easy.

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