Say hello to the ‘plandid’, the Instagram trend taking over your feed this summer

You’ve probably been doing them all along


It’s been an tiring few months trying to nail Instagram poses without feeling like an idiot. The “Bambi” is painful, “ribcage bragging” unattainable and who are you kidding with the “thot squat”? But now, there’s a new trend clogging up your TL that’s actually doable. Chances are you’ve been doing it already, there just wasn’t a name for it.

It’s called the plandid – the planned candid – where you look totally natural in your posing, like you’ve been caught in the act and just so happen to look triple-digit-Insta-likes amazing in that split moment.

Popular plandids atm include: walking on a beach looking down, coming up a pool ladder looking fierce, swinging round a palm tree or posing beside brightly coloured walls like you just happened to be there.

Plandids should look natural, so candid that people could mistake it for a genuinely natural shot. Like you’ve got an an on-hand photographer snapping your every move.

Whilst these look totally natural, what’s probably happened is the person in the photo has gone “okay, go!” whilst the photographer keeps snapping as the grammer moves in slow mo in the attempt to catch the perfect “oh what you’re taking a picture of me? I had no clue” pic.

Observers of the plandid photoshoot will watch the “model” come in and out of a pool, walk back and forth on the same spot or put their hair up and down constantly.

The plandid has bought about a change in Insta pics. Whereas plandids are usually reserved for super models (the Hadid’s and Jenner’s love them, see above), the rise of the trend now means we can take them and not feel like a total prick for doing it. We can look away from the camera, look down at our stomachs so our face is hidden in shadow, wear sunglasses and pout to the distance like we’re deep in thought because we’re all jumping on the plandid bandwagon.

So take some time to train up your mum, who usually insists you take your sunglasses off, look at the camera and smile with your teeth showing before heading out on a family holiday. Cos now you won’t be smiling at the camera, instead you’re going to need her to capture you swinging around a palm tree, laughing at absolutely nothing, with sunglasses on obv.