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This is ‘Barbie feet’, the new trend all over Instagram this summer

It makes your legs look long af

Scroll through Instagram and the same type of pictures will appear. There’s plandids, the Bambi pose is still knocking around thanks to Kim Kardashian’s Instagram, and I’m still seeing a hell of a lot of ribcage-bragging going on.

Unsurprisingly there is a new addition to the Insta pose manual for summer 2018. But to be honest, it’s not even a new trend – the pose will have definitely been all over your feed already, but now there’s a name for it.

Introducing “Barbie feet”, the pose which makes you and your legs look way longer, just like a Barbie, simply from pointing your toes.

What is “Barbie feet”?

Girls all round the world are doing Barbie feet because it provides a handy optical illusion that you’ve grown a couple of inches and that your legs look more slender and longer. It should look like you’re wearing an invisible pair of high heels.

How to do Barbie feet

To perfectly master Barbie feet, you put one leg in front of the other with the front leg bent, and arch your foot pointed downwards so you’re standing on the ball of your toe. Here’s a tutorial:

Where did the term come from?

Who What Wear coined the term “Barbie feet”, because it looks like your feet are stuck in a moulded position. They said: “While Barbie’s plastic feet are permanently moulded into a pointed position, Instagram pros are whipping out the pose when they want to elongate their legs in photographs.”

And it can be seen everywhere, from models like Gigi and Bella Hadid, the Kardashians, bloggers and probably your best friend adopting the pose somewhere on Instagram.

The best thing is, it’s so easy to do. It’s not like the thot-squat which requires you to kneel down all the time, or the Bambi which personally makes me feel like I’m about to break my back. No, you literally just have to stand and point your feet, and watch the Insta likes roll in.

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