Sex tape spotted on the fourth floor

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A decidedly fruity sex tape was uploaded to Spotted: UCL Library this morning.

It was taken down pretty sharpish, but luckily some filth merchant managed to snatch a recording before it was gone.

The 3:37 vid shows a pair of frisky students engaged in a good deal of thrusting and groping.

At least, The Tab thinks that’s what’s going on. If you were hoping for a full on Kim Kardashian vs Ray J vid, you won’t find it here. This is about as high quality as a night on the blower to Babestation.

The Tab is struggling to work out exactly where this muck was filmed – apparently it was on a the ‘fourth floor’ of some building.

No word on the names of the dirty duo, but The Tab hopes they found love in that steamy little room.

  • Mr. A. Pirate

    Think this is breaking a few laws….

    I’d take it down if I were you!

    • SOUU

      Sounds a bit unlikely. Firstly, The Tab didn’t record it, and the section you linked to only creates an offence of recording. Secondly, “private act,” as clarified in section 68, doesn’t seem to include a case where you can’t actually see the people – only very blurry shadows. Thirdly, recording is an offence if done “for the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification,” and there may well be a defence that no-one could realistically expect that to happen from this video.
      The most important one of those is the first: The Tab didn’t record it, so they didn’t commit an offence.
      That being said, I still think it’s a stupid article, but let’s not take the name of the law in vain, eh?

  • Long John Silver

    This is the shittiest sex tape ever. The website with the dog licking your screen is actually marginally more arousing.

  • Lobey

    The most difficult wank I’ve had since thatcher died

  • pops

    Pretty sure they weren’t having sex anyway. Unless it’s some kind of new style I haven’t even heard of yet.

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