Eight awful new year statuses

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If you thought the US election ones were bad...


Mainly the cheese and port variety

An upbeat start to the year

Just the eight pints

Didn’t ask

Just as bad

Bring your chat


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  • Swal

    "thank fuck for the the red bull at Raffles"

    so schweffy…

  • Swal

    "thank fuck for the the red bull at Raffles"

    so schweffy…

  • Harry Hill

    The chat on the Tab is smelly, smelly like lamb chat #beendippedinworse #India

  • John Higgins

    Eight awful statuses accompanied by one terrible article

  • chrisssy

    Breaking news: Feminists over react.

  • guriksawhore


  • Goonsoc


  • tom

    cor you sound like a fucking riot you do luv

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