Here is which York College all the 2022 Love Islanders would be in

Gemma is the epitome of a Constantine girlie x

Love Island is officially BACK for another year supplying everyone with the drama that we’re all missing in our lives. It’s been over a year since the show graced our screens, glueing us to the TV at 9pm every night, and this year’s fresh batch of contestants are bringing the drama already (I’m looking at you Ekin-Su).

Some of this year’s contestants already attended university but since I’m sure you’re all wondering, here is which College all the 2022 Love Island contestants would be in if they were students at York.

Gemma – Constantine

With her 12 horses and famous dad, Gemma epitomises the Constantine girlie. Clearly used to the finer things in life, Gemma would only be seen in the luxury of the Conny double beds with bedding definitely from The White Company or Oliver Bonas, enjoying the boujiest East accommodation.

Gemma would be found at every student event, splashing the cash of her famous footy dad to treat all her flat besties or the girlies from the Equestrian Society.

You would definitely see weekly Ocado deliveries en route to her flat because she’s never stepped foot in Aldi or hunted for the reduced sushi in Nisa. Odds on finding her hanging out near the Wentworth post-grad accommodation though?

Ekin-Su – James

Sitting on Davide’s shoulders as he squats her, this bombshell is clearly a gym girlie, especially when there is the motivation of fit James lads. She is definitely the type of sporty gal who captains the James netball team purely for the status and the joint socials with the Rugby boys.

Wishing she was a Constantine girly, Ekin-Su would rule the James Block and stun all the boys with her Somerset accent singing the Spongebob theme at Yates’ Karaoke nights.

Davide – Langwith

Splashing that international student cash, Davide would definitely reside in the luxury of East accommodation. Charming all the girls with his Italian sexiness, Davide would never be found alone in the Kuda caravan and spend every night in Glasshouse.

His no-nonsense attitude when it came to Luca sneakily chatting to Gemma makes him the perfect Langwith boy as he brings the drama to solidify his BNOC status over on East campus.

Indiyah – Derwent

Claiming to bring the “flavour and vibrancy”, Indiyah would fit right in with the party life of Derwent College. Despite being the life of the party, she would still make sure all her friends were all good throughout the night and wing woman you, protecting you from the weirdo hovering behind you in upstairs Salvos.

Displaying her emotions all over her face (sorry Ikenna), you will definitely know where you stand at all times with her and she wouldn’t be afraid to say something to the girls shoving her in Salvos. The Derwent mail room would be sick of her constant Depop deliveries from vintage stores that she spends her entire loan on. She would be the coolest dressed in Derwent though.

Paige – Vanbrugh

Unproblematic, kind, and a laugh, Paige is the ultimate girls’ girl who is here for a good time and not the drama, making her the perfect Vanbrugh girl. Like the Constantine girls but with a splash more humility, Paige would be the girl on hand when you’re crying in the Revs toilets, ready to fix your makeup and your confidence with her words of wisdom. I can see her being on loads of society committees with a hectic social calendar.

She is definitely the organiser of the flat and makes sure everyone is involved in the sesh. Good vibes all around.

Dami – Alcuin

Being a microbiologist, Dami would definitely want to be in Alcuin, the closest to the library, for all those late-night study seshes. Although he is at uni for the degree, Dami would be up for a cheeky Sunday Revs and would pull all the girls with his Irish charm and smooth chat.

He’d be the kind of person that everyone just knows, who can’t walk through Courtyard without bumping into 15 people who want a chat. BNOC material if you will.

Luca – Derwent

Gunning for the BNOC crown, Luca would definitely be a Derwent boy. He would be found at every single flat party on campus befriending anyone who will listen to his glamorous experiences of selling fish over the summer to fund his party life.

He definitely misses all his 9ams to make sure he is seen at every student night and would become besties with Jason Reilly. He’d be spotted in the background of every club photo holding seven VKs and necking a different girl each time. He’d definitely initiate all the bus chants on the 66.

Tasha – Vanbrugh (Posh)

I’d also put Tasha in Vanbrugh but definitely in the posh part. A wholesome college which lies at the heart of campus, Tasha would be seen at every jazz night in V Bar supporting all the talent.

Seemingly settled in her couple with Andrew, Tasha is all for girls night where she will wing woman all her besties in Salvos. Still wanting the comfort of an en-suite, Tasha would specify Posh Vanbrugh for her accommodation, enjoying the comforts whilst still being at the heart of campus.

As a dancer, she’d definitely be in all the Dance Society Competition teams or cheerleading for the Hornets. She’d spend all her time at comps and rehearsals.

Liam – Derwent

Being a football lover, Liam would thrive in Derwent playing for the fours despite being able to go pro “if it wasn’t for the knee injury”. Probably wishing he was a James or a Hes East boy, Liam would probably have all the Derwent football boys downing pints naked or something else to solidify his status as the best social sec. I’d definitely pin him as a business management kind of boy.

Miss you Liam 🙁

Andrew – Vanbrugh

With the surname Le Page, Andrew is definitely a Vanbrugh boy in Le Page court. Despite wanting to be part of James or Derwent, Andrew settled for the purple life of Vanbrugh when he got into York through Clearing.

Joining the rugby team, Andrew would definitely thrive in the laid-back but ready to party lifestyle of Vanbrugh. Accidentally committing flatcest with Tasha in Freshers’ Week, and being stuck with her for the rest of uni, they’d definitely back themselves as the mum and dad of Vanbrugh sport.

Amber – Alcuin

Having not been granted much screen time so far, Amber seems a quieter gal who isn’t after the flashy life of East Campus or needs to be at the heart of West. Despite this, uni is definitely her time to thrive and as the show goes on, I’m sure she will flourish and soon become an audience (and campus) fave. She’d have a small but close circle of friends tucked away in Alcuin College.

Ikenna – Halifax

Not making any dramas or much of an impact yet, Ikenna would reside happily in Halifax but probably spend most of his time in Stone Roses or Dusk. Like Halifax, Ikenna keeps out of the way and only seems to appear when pulled by one of the girls for a classic chat on the bean bags or near the fireplace.

Fairly chilled and laid back, you would definitely meet Ikenna on the dance floor in Flares and get his number but then he’ll without a doubt forget to text you. I’m sure there is more to him which will be uncovered in the coming weeks of the show. Like any Halifaxer I’ve met, they are the dark horses of the scene. Ikenna is good vibes and I’m excited to see more of him.

Afia – Goodricke

After becoming the second Islander to exit the villa, let’s be honest Afia is forgettable. She is ABSOLUTELY stunning and I’m sad she didn’t have much screen time or a chance to make a connection with someone. But unfortunately, she has been essentially not existent in the villa, much like Goodricke in the colleges.

Jacques – Anne Lister

Like the new college of the University of York, Anne Lister, Jacques seems cool but his status on campus is yet to be determined. Hopefully, a new face (and Gemma’s ex) will be refreshing and spice up the villa/campus life.

Being a Rugby boy however, certainly makes him one to watch. There are SO MANY Rugby boy vibes this season I seriously feel like I’m in Wednesday Salvos every time I turn on the TV.

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