Here is which York college all the 2021 Bake Off contestants would be in

Lizzie is defo a Derwent gal

It’s hotting up in this year’s Bake Off tent with the semi-final airing tonight. And in the spirit of 2021 contestant Freya being a student at York (still mourning her departure, don’t talk to me) we thought it only right to place all this year’s contestants into a York college.

Because what else will I procrastinate deadline season with?


Chigs, although not an obvious front runner in the competition, gives off a very cool, calm and collected vibe.  He also has A LOT of energy which is why it would only make sense for him to join James College, for the cool and athletic.

I could 100 per cent see him in a grey James quarter zip or in JCFC merch.


Young yet extremely skilled, Crystelle is chatty and popular in the Bake Off tent. She strives for perfection week after week and most definitely belongs to Constantine College.

Crystelle would definitely be an East Campus BNOC. She’d be well known through Constantine Netball and I can also see her being on the Constantine committee, probably as the Pres?


York’s very own Freya made history on the show this year as she was the very first vegan baker to enter the tent. She was also the youngest of this year’s contestants and most definitely brought a breath of fresh air to the competition. Unfortunately we were unable to deduce Freya’s actual college at York, so our professional judgement will have to do here x

Being Yorkshire-born, Freya would definitely fit in at York’s youngest college, Anne Lister. Lister was also Yorkshire-born and is the namesake for York’s newest college. Although she is young, Freya is definitely set to make a big impression on the baking world just as Anne Lister College is set to make a name for itself in the coming years.

Freya, however, is a prominent member of York’s Equestrian Society, something that also perhaps gives her big Constantine girl energy.


George, although very lovely and charismatic, has most definitely been deemed an outsider in the competition. He never scores particularly highly with the judges yet he rarely faces disaster either. Much like Halifax College.

George would definitely belong to Halifax. He is friendly and deserving of praise, but he is often unfairly dismissed by the judges. He’d probably get lost on the way there though just like the rest of us.


Giuseppe is a fun-loving, top quality baker and popular with the judges. What an absolute legend. I therefore think he’d be the perfect fit in Vanbrugh. 

I don’t know about anyone else but it seems like everyone’s first accommodation choice was Vanbrugh, making Giuseppe a perfect new member!

Vanbrugh, specifically posh Vanbrugh, is for people who have won at the accommodation game. It has the convenience of being on Campus West with the luxury of being on Campus East. Giuseppe is definitely practical and organised enough to have gotten his accommodation form in really early. 

He’d be a frequent attendee of Vanbrugh Jazz nights in VBar too and best mates with everyone there.


Fan favourite Jürgen is most definitely one of this year’s most knowledgeable and higher-level bakers. His sensible and mature nature makes him a perfect fit for York’s postgrad College Wentworth. Plus he’s just so sweet and I want to give him a cuddle.

Let’s just hope we don’t see anyone making babies out of bread in Wentworth anytime soon.


Fun and outgoing Lizzie seems like the perfect person to liven up a party. Sending her an invite to my next bday ASAP.

I believe she would be the life of the party in Derwent, York’s notorious party college. Although I may be biased (the best College at York), Derwent is the perfect place for a baker like Lizzie, with lots of spirit and a bubbly personality!

She probably never misses a night out and is always up for a spontaneous Sunday Revs. Imagine having her tasty treats waiting for you the morning after a Wednesday Salvos though. Amazing vibes.


I definitely found Maggie the easiest contestant to assign a college to. Always composed and well spoken, Maggie’s posh voice and boujie vibes make her perfect for York’s most expensive college, Langwith.

I feel like Maggie would be a STYM for Langwith or part of the Wellbeing team on the student committee. She just gives off big caring mum energy and I love her.

If this wasn’t enough evidence for why Langwith is perfect for Maggie, imagine how much she would enjoy baking in those MASSIVE kitchens.


Rochica was one of this year’s most chilled-out and quiet contestants. That’s why I think she’d be a perfect fit in Alcuin College.

Sandwiched between the library and the science block, Alcuin is known for being the most nerdy college. But Rochica would gain legend status in her flat by baking cookies and cupcakes for everyone and arranging film nights and flat dinners.


The mum of the group, Amanda most definitely fits in at Goodricke College.

She is kind hearted, caring and sensible, as well as being a very skilled baker, making her a perfect East Campus resident.

I can’t lie though, Amanda very quickly slipped my memory after she left. Much like the popular saying that Goodricke doesn’t exist.

The battle of the colleges continues as the Bake Off final airs next week! I’m so excited to watch the drama unfold.

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