A York student is taking part in The Great British Bake off this year

Imagine bumping into her in the Morrell

A student at The University of York will be taking part in this year’s The Great British Bake Off.

Freya Cox, the youngest baker in the tent at just 19, has confirmed to The York Tab she studies psychology at York and it is part of the uni’s Equestrian Society.

She is also the first vegan baker to enter the tent.

The psychology student lives with her parents while studying so she’s able to care for her horse, Winnie. How wholesome.

Despite introducing “Vegan Week” on the show in 2018, Freya is the first fully vegan baker to enter the tent and will be impressing the judges with her plant-based creations

She’s been dreaming of entering Bake Off since the first series and she says she even remembers watching it aged nine. When she’s not working hard for her psychology degree, she’s caring for her horse, Winnie.

Freya told Channel 4 she likes to be “unexpected” with her baking and is “a massive perfectionist”.

“I love the decorating side of baking, I think it gives everyone a chance to be creative and share their own personal skills. I’d say my weakness is probably the faffiness of pastry and bread.”

She is also a valued member of York’s Equestrian Society, with the society sharing their excitement in an Instagram story:

Last year’s series saw Peter Sawkins, a student at the University of Edinburgh take the Bake Off crown so let’s hope Freya carries on his student legacy.

Bake Off starts tonight at 8pm and I’m SO excited to see a York student on our screens this year.

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