All of the reasons why I chose to spend lockdown 2.0 in York

Sorry mum and dad x

So with Boris announcing another national lockdown, students in York as well as up and down the country were faced with the tough decision whether to leave behind freedom and friends and return back to cooked meals and doggo cuddles.

After having my first year cut short and spending the first lockdown back home, full of whipped coffee and PE with Joe, I decided that it would be better for my mental health and my degree that I stay at uni.

Here are some things that I considered when deciding:

Securing that degree

At home I’m too tempted to lie in bed with my dog for cuddles all day, embracing the copious amounts of free food. Now I’m not saying that I’m a queen of productivity at uni or anything, but I have more structure to my day than watching The Chase and Pointless reruns!

I had months to get my life together during the last lockdown but did I? Absolutely not. Therefore, although like most, my entire degree is online, by completing the lockdown in York I feel as though I will be much more productive.

Staying with mates

I live with six of my best friends whom I love and always help me through tough times. So for my mental health’s sake (and for Tuesday night Bake Off screenings) I wanted to stay with my friends, after missing them so much over the last lockdown.

Spontaneous socials

From movie nights to group walks, there’s still plenty of fun things to do with your housemates over lockdown. Besides, who else is up for spontaneous Wednesday night drinking?

Daily walks

York is full of absolutely beautiful scenery for those daily lockdown walks you absolutely promise yourself you’ll go on every day. No offence to my hometown here (actually, every offence).

York is just prettier and has much nicer scenery to explore. Whether it’s by the river or through Rowntree Park, York’s surroundings are absolutely beautiful and help to remind you that despite everything going on, life is still pretty good!


A huge part of uni life, whatever ‘normal’ uni life is at the minute, is moving out and having that independence without having to rely on your parents for everything (I do love and miss you Mum and Dad, I promise!)

Therefore by staying at my uni house over the second lockdown, I can retain my independence – the good, such as getting up when I like and not having to answer to anyone, and the bad – I’m looking at you cleaning rota.

Getting one up on the landlord

If I’m signing my life (or what little I have left of it!) away to my landlord with ridiculously high rent for my dingy little student house I may as well make the most of it and actually live here right? 

So, if like me you were torn on whether to stay at uni or head home for the second lockdown these are a few things to consider for next time.

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