York’s Vice-Chancellor confirms Spring Term will start ‘as planned’ at York

With efforts to revitalise student life on campus

University of York’s Vice-Chancellor Charlie Jeffery announced expectations to “start Spring term as planned on 11 January 2021”, in an email sent to staff and students on Thursday.

Professor Jeffery also confirmed “an expanded package of measures” would be put in place in collaboration with the university’s colleges, YUSU and the GSA, in an effort to revitalise student life on campus.

These measures will see YUSU continue their funding of outdoor venue, The Forest. The University of York is said to be working closely with the NHS and City of York Council to ensure that enhanced coronavirus testing will be available to students.

This comes after York confirmed mass rapid testing for Covid-19 will be available on campus. The testing will take place from 30th November until 6th December to ensure that students are able to return home safely for the Christmas break, in line with the recommended student travel window.

The email also assured students that steps were being taken in an effort to resume sporting activities on campus during the Spring Term, although this does depend on clearance from the Government and Sport England.

Professor Jeffery stated that the university will be continuing its Emergency Student Support Fund after the scheme received “really positive feedback from students”. Patrick O’Donnell of YUSU and Purnur Altay of GSA “have challenged the government to provide more financial support for students”, the email revealed.

With exams next term, the university has assured students with broadband problems that they will be provided with a “wifi device” to boost their internet connection, following negotiations with Vodafone.

Professor Jeffery said “more updates will follow” before the end of Autumn term.

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