University of York gives students free lockdown goodie bags

They include a Uni of York Monopoly

Lockdown and isolation in on-campus accommodation can be particularly detrimental to mental health; to help with this and to make students feel more at “home and supported”, The University of York is offering free goodie bags to students this weekend.

As detailed on the University of York twitter page and in an email received by isolating students, those living in on-campus accommodation are being offered one goodie bag per flat to be shared between flatmates. The items offered in these goodie bags are subject to availability but range from chocolate bars v , baking kits, and cans of soft drinks, to playing cards and board games including a University of York themed Monopoly. Furthermore, the goodie bags will include some creative “design your own projects”.

In addition to goodie bags, the email received by students includes an invitation to those feeling “especially creative” to enter a competition to design the Vice-Chancellor Charlie Jeffery’s Christmas card which will be sold on campus, with the winner receiving a “free iPad” as a prize.

The email adds that the goodie bag will allow students to claim a free breakfast sandwich and hot drink over the weekends before the end of term. Additional information regarding the free breakfast sandwich and drink offer will be included within the goodie bag.

The email concludes with an invitation for students to share their creative endeavours and use of the goodie bag on all social media platforms using the hashtag #UoYLockdownLoot.

According to a retweet by the University of York twitter page, “1,000 goodie bags 30,0000 items” have been collected in just the first two hours on the first day of availability. Any questions regarding the goodie bags or how to claim one should be directed to your colleges or via direct message to the @UoYEatShopDrink twitter page.

Featured image via Twitter @Milda_Ambra

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