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Nominate UoY’s Most Wholesome Fresher

Do they fit the York vibe?

Nominations are now open for UoY’s Most Wholesome Fresher 2019!

It’s week seven and the end of term is in sight. With freshers’ week now a distant memory, it’ll be clear which member of your house or team fits the wholesome vibe the most. Everyone will have their wild fresher tales, but who has remained the most wholesome throughout it all?

Maybe they’re always doing a head count in society? Maybe they check you all survived a salvos Wednesday? Do they always do the round for making a cuppa? Or do they cook or even bake for their madder fresher housemates? Perhaps they enjoy feeding the Hes West ducks or even still adamantly wear their lanyard on campus?

If you know an all round wholesome fresher, or a fresher who has acted wholesomely this term, we want to hear from you!

Nominate UoY’s Most Wholesome Fresher 2019 to celebrate their wholesome York vibe like they deserve. To nominate a fresher fill in the form below, the top nominations will be published so every UoY student can have their vote!