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Vote for UOY’s Biggest BNOC: Heat Three!

these guys prove that York is the uni that breeds liabilities

The competition just gets better and better. Here is a fresh round of BNOC's for you to choose your finalists from, and boy, the stakes are getting high. Today's heat just proves how messy the students of York are, we really are this unashamed to be absolute states.

Bring on the BNOC's!

Rohail Karim

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Rohail was last year's winner, so it's no surprises that he's been nominated again. You cannot go on a night out without spotting Rohail, he's notorious for being a "bad bitch" in every club. If you're on the 66 and Rohail is too, you've just made a new best friend, because he's just about the friendliest guy ever and loves having a chat with people.

Rohail is unapologetically himself and has been described as having "amazing energy"

Chris Oldnall

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Chris knows everyone on campus – if you've just met someone for the first time, we can guarantee that he already has them as a friend on Facebook.

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we've all been there x

Chris says he's "thrilled" to be nominated, and that despite not being able to make a more "C.H.R.I.S." univeristy, he's "happy to take over as the biggest BNOC instead". Chris, we totally love your perseverance.

Anna Salisbury

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Anna is practically royalty in Alcuin, as everyone knows her name and wants to be her. She's been affectionately described as "funny", "lovely", and also, a "man-eater". Not your typical Alcuin gal as she loves a good boogie, and isn't a stranger to the world of spontaneity. Anna's the type of girl to throw up in a guy's mouth and STILL get asked out by him. Yes, this actually happened. We don't know how you do it Anna, but you're living your best life, and we're here for it.

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Anna told us that "this nomination means more to [her] than [her] degree at this point", and if that isn't a fat mood, I don't know what it is.

Will Langford

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Will Langford (more popularly known as WL) gets about 10 YorKrushes per day, and it's no wonder, because he's a part of the York Centurions American Football Club. In less than a year at York, he's definitely one of the more famous sporting faces at uni. If it isn't his shredded abs that do the trick, it'll be his "cheeky streak" or "friendly nature", or maybe even his Instagram, which has been known to pop up as a sponsored ad on the timelines of York students.

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did your ovaries just explode too? no? okay just me

Will wants to "thank YorKrush for making [him] uni famous <3". Humble AND good looking, God is real.

Sean Price-Regan

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serving LOOKS

Sean has been described as the "biggest liability" on a night out, but despite being a mess, he's also a big advocate for the working class at York. Sean made his way to uni after working at a building site aged 17, and also dabbles in being a bouncer in his spare time. Sean's most notable moment was getting a tattoo of a skull on his arse…with the worst part being that it didn't even cover up the name of his ex. We can't say we stan a tramp stamp, but we do stan a self made man.

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clearly Sean isn't afraid of content on the internet lasting forever

Sean wants to shout out all the "gigalos and gigalettes", and tbh, I'm not even going to ask.

Time to vote!

These five BNOC's are desperate for your votes to get them through to the Final, so it's time to pick your queen bee and let the votes do the talking. Vote using this Google Form below, and we'll see you tomorrow for the last heat!